Chapter 3 Timeline

  • 1600's Fur Trade Became Important To New Amsterdams Economy

    Fur trade was important to the economies of New Amsterdam
  • 1600's

    Mid 1600’s Africans in Virginia were being kept in long slavery.
  • 1600's x2

    Mid 1600’s- Poor colonist protested the higher taxes.
  • Higher Taxes $

    Mid 1600’s- Poor colonist protested the higher taxes.
  • 1600's Pilgrams Left

    Pilgrims left England
  • England Practices Merchantillism

    Late 1600’s- England practiced mercantilism.
  • Europeans Re-Examin Thier World

    1600’s- Europeans began to re-examine their world.
  • Virginia's Colonist

    England's London Company Sent 1st 105 Colonist To America.
  • Jamestown

    Colonist Founded Jamestown.
  • John Smiths Control

    John Smith Took Control Of Jamestown & Put A Fort Around It
  • Pilgrams Move To The Netherlands

    Pilgrims moved to Netherlands.
  • Settlers

    More Settlers Arrive In Jamestown
  • Dutch Founds New Netherland

    Dutch founded New Netherland
  • Virginians Assembly Was 1st Colonial Legislature In N.A.

    Virginians assembly was the first colonial legislature in North America
  • 1st Africans To Virgina

    Dutch ship brought the first Africans to Virginia.
  • New Settleers Arive In Jamestown

    Mid 1620’s- New settlers arrived in Jamestown.
  • 1620's Englands Economy Suffers

    England’s economy suffered.
  • Establish Colony ?

    George Calvert asked King Charles І for a charter to establish a colony in America for Catholics.
  • Mayflower Leaves England

    The Mayflower left England
  • 41 Male Passengers Signed Mayflower Compact

    41 male passengers signed the Mayflower compact.
  • Late 1620 Pilgrims Land @ Plymouth Rock

    Pilgrims landed at Plymouth Rock.
  • Samoset Walks Into Colonist Settlement

    Samoset walked into the colonist settlement.
  • Colonist Killed

    Colonist killed Powhatan leader.
  • Company Cancled

    English crown canceled the company’s charter
  • Grant Puritans Charter To Settle In New England

    Charles granted a group of Puritans a charter to settle in New England.
  • Period: to

    Thousands Leave England

    Between 1629 and 1640- Thousand of people left England.
  • Ships Carrying Puritans Left England

    A fleet of ships carrying Puritan colonist left England.
  • Issued Charter

    Charles issued a charter to Calvert’s son.
  • 200 Maryland Catholics

    A group of 200 English Catholics came to Maryland.
  • Hooker Leaves Massachusetts To Find Connecticut

    Thomas Hooker left Massachusetts to find Connecticut.
  • Hooker Write Fundamental Orders of Connecticut

    Hooker wrote Fundamental Orders of Connecticut.
  • Protestand Move To Maryland

    Protestants began moving to Maryland.
  • General Court Becomes 2House Legislature

    General Court became a two-house legislature.
  • General Courts Of Massachusetts Issues Order That School Be Founded In Every Township Of 50 Familes

    General Courts of Massachusetts issued an order that a school be founded in every township of 50 families.
  • Period: to

    Parliment Passed Series Of Navigation Acts

    Parliament passed a series of Navigation Acts.
  • Navigation Act Goes In Effect

    Navigation Act was put into affect.
  • Land Giveaway

    Charles II gave much of the land between Virginia and Spanish Florida.
  • English Captures The Undefeted Colony

    English captured the undefeted colony of New Amsterdam
  • English Conquest Began

    English Conquest began.
  • New England & Wampanoag Tension

    Tension arose between New England and Wampanoag.
  • King Phillips Was Erupted

    King Philip’s war erupted.
  • Attack On Indians

    Group of former indentured servants attacked some friendly Indians.
  • Charter Granted To Begin A Colony West Of New Jersey

    King Charles II granted charter to William Penn to begin a colony west of New Jersey.
  • Duke Of York Selss Penn A Region South Of Pennsylvania

    Duke Of York sold Penn a region to the south of Pennsylvania.
  • James ll Became King Of England

    James II became king of England.
  • James ll Unties Northern Colonies Under One Government

    James II united the northern colonies under one government.
  • James Passed English Bill Of Rights.

    King James passed the English Bill of Rights.
  • 1690's Commounity Conflicts In New England Involved Witchcraft Trials

    Community conflicts in New England involved witchcraft trials.
  • Massachusetts Bay Colony Expands To Include Pilgrims

    Massachusetts bay colony had expanded to include the Pilgrims Plymouth Rock.
  • Virginia Establishment

    William and Mary established Virginia.
  • Period: to

    Servents Came To Middle Colonys

    135,000 indentured servants came to middle colonies.
  • 1700's Enslaved Africans

    Enslaved Africans became the main source of labor.
  • Early 1700’s- English merchants were trading around the world.

    Early 1700’s- English merchants were trading around the world.
  • Trade Restricitions Continue

    1700’s- Trade restrictions continued.
  • Revolutions In Both Religious & Non Religioua Thought Transformed Western World

    Early 1700’s- Revolutions in both religious and non religious thought transformed western world
  • Enlighten Movement Put Into Effect

    1700’s- Enlighten movement was put into affect.
  • France & Britain Struggle For Control Of Territory In N.A.

    Mid 1700’s- France and Great Britain struggled for control of territory in North America.
  • Carolina Split

    Carolina split into North and South Carolina.
  • Propietary Government Overthrow

    Proprietary government was overthrown.
  • North & South America Purchase

    Crown purchased North and South America.
  • Slaves In S.C.

    20,000 enslaved Africans were living in South Carolina.
  • Minister Revivals

    Ministers began holding revivals.
  • Period: to

    Great Awakening Begins

    The Great Awakening began.
  • Charter Grant

    King George II granted a charter to Oglethorpe.
  • oglethorpe Founded Savannah

    Oglethorpe founded the city of Savannah.
  • John Peter Zenger Gets Arrested For Printing False Statements

    Officials arrested John Peter Zenger for printing false statements.
  • Molasses Act Goes In Effect

    Molasses Act put into effect.
  • Georgia Royal Colony

    British government made Georgia a royal colony.
  • Fighting Erupted w. British Millitary

    Fighting erupted with the British military.
  • Washinton Defeated

    Washington was defeated
  • Fighting Began In Europe, Leading Up To 7Year Was

    Fighting began in Europe, leading up to the Seven Year’s War.
  • Turning Point In War

    Turning point in the war.
  • Phili Became Largest British Colonial City

    Philadelphia became largest British colonial city.
  • Britain Recaives Florida

    Britain received Florida.
  • Pontiacs Rebllion Began

    May 1763- Pontiac’s Rebellion began.
  • Signed Treaty Of Paris

    Britain and France signed the Treaty of Paris.
  • Proclamation Of 1763 Issued

    Proclamation of 1763 issued.
  • Passed Sugar Act

    Parliament passed the Sugar Act, which set duties on molasses and sugar imported to colonist
  • Samuel Adams Agrees w. Otis

    May 1764 –Samuel Adams agreed with Otis.
  • Series Of Resolutions To Virginias House Of Burgesses

    May 1765- Patrick Henry presented a series of resolutions to Virginia House Of Burgesses.
  • 1st Colonial Boycott In New York

    First colonial boycott started in New York.
  • Stamp Act Issued

    Stamp Act issued.
  • Delegates From 9 Colonies Met In New York

    October 1765- Delegates from nine colonies met in New York.
  • Parliment Replaces Stamp Act

    Parliament replaced the Stamp Act.
  • Townshed Act Passed

    Townshed Act passed.
  • Letter Arguing That The Law Violated Legal Rights Of Citizens

    Samuel Adams wrote a letter arguing that the law violated the legal rights of citizens.
  • Soldiers Arrive In Boston

    British soldiers arrived in Boston.
  • Tension Explodes

    Tension Exploded.
  • Men & Women Could Read & Write.

    70% of men and 45% of woman could read and right.
  • Tea Act Passed By Parliament

    Tea Act passed by Parliament
  • Tea Ships Enters Boston Harbor

    Ships loaded with tea entered Boston Harbor.
  • Coercive Act Passed

    Spring Of 1774 Coercive Act Passed.
  • Delaware Remained Part Of Pennsylvania

    Delaware remained part of Pennsylvania until 1776.