Changing Times, Changing Music Timeline

  • First Blues Record

    Mamie Smith records the first blues album, Crazy Blues. This record kick starts the blues obsession of the 1920's.
  • First use of electronic guitar

    T-bone walker becomes the first person to experiment with the electric guitar. This was the first step towards music as we know it today.
  • Developement of BeBop

    Dizzy Gillespie of South Carolina revolutionizes trumpet performances creating the BeBop style.
  • First popilar R&B song

    Crying In The Chapel by The Orioles becomes the first R&B song to ever come close to being in the pop top 10.
  • Beetles In America

    The legendary Beetles come to America to further their musical influence to the United States.
  • Woodstock

    The Woodstock music festival takes place. This event had a huge impact on the music culture of not only the decade but most likely all time. This is one of the most influential concerts of all time.
  • Number 1 rap album

    The bestie Boys' License to kill becomes the first rap album to reach No.1