Changing Images of Beauty

  • 1950's Image of Beauty

    1950's Image of Beauty
    In the 1950's, women were all about creating a softer, more feminine look for themselves. This included softly curled hair, bright lipstick, defined eyebrows, and rosy cheeks.
  • 1960's Image of Beauty

    1960's Image of Beauty
    In the 1960's, beauty was represented by more playful, colourful makeup, with lots of black eyeliner. Big hair, pixie cuts and beehives also came into style.
  • 1970's Image of Beauty

    1970's Image of Beauty
    In the 1970's the "Hippy Look" started. This look featured loose fitting clothing. The skirts commonly dropped to the ankles and were worn with 2 – 4 inch platform shoes.
  • 1980's Image of Beauty

    1980's Image of Beauty
    Ralph Lauren and Calvin Klein became incresingly popular in this decade, and the trend of tight fitting tops and loose bottoms reversed. In the 1980's, men and women alike started to wear loose fitting tops and skin tight bottoms. Leggings and shoulder pads became popular.
  • 1990's Image of Beauty

    1990's Image of Beauty
    In the 1990's the people were rocking tight-fitting trousers, denim button down shirts & neon colors. The makeup was bold colours and dark eyes. The hair was parted in the middle with soft waves.
  • 2000's Image of Beauty

    2000's Image of Beauty
    In 2000 the beauty was represented by over the top eyelashes and a bob haircut. The way to be beautiful changed over the last because on 2000 everyone was introduced to Botox.
  • 2001's Image of Beauty

    2001's Image of Beauty
    The unisex styles of the 1990's started to fade away. For women, a more feminine look was in. Denim miniskirts, short shorts, and preppy polo shirts became the new style.
  • 2002's Image of Beauty

    2002's Image of Beauty
    Denim was in. From blazers, to jackets, to long pencil skirts, everything was denim. Velour tracksuits were also popularize by jennifer Lopez, as well as cargo trousers with flip flops.
  • 2003's Image of Beauty

    2003's Image of Beauty
    In 2003's the cut of the skirt was cut to emphasize the hip with split in the front and the back.
  • 2004's Image of Beauty

    2004's Image of Beauty
    In 2004's the makeup was a little black or brown mascara, neutral blush and a defined brows. The hair was a loose and natural look with minimal effort.
  • 2005's Image of Beauty

    2005's Image of Beauty
    In 2005, the once classy poker-straight hairstyle became trashy, so the new hairstyle was curls. The makeup was bright, like aqua blues and greens with a slick of clear lip gloss and mascara.
  • 2006's Image of Beauty

    2006's Image of Beauty
    In 2006, black nail polish came into style. Ballet flats were also popular, as well as wide belts that cinched at the waist.
  • 2007's Image of Beauty

    2007's Image of Beauty
    In 2007, the bright pink lip gloss is a reflectioin of the season's colours. The balleria bun was an easy look to pull off, with the effect for it to seem effortless but still fashion-forward.
  • 2008's Image of Beauty

    2008's Image of Beauty
    In the fall/winter of 2008, the bohemian look was in. Fringed boots, peasant shirts and chunky gold jewellery. Also, ripped tights and military fashion were in style.
  • 2009's Image of Beauty

    2009's Image of Beauty
    In 2009, smoky eyes and strong lips were considered beautiful. Hairstyles included a lot of texture and volume.
  • 2012's Image of Beauty

    2012's Image of Beauty
    Colour blocking is now very trendy, as well as bold prints and bright orange or pastels. Metallics bottoms are also popular on the runways, paired with a white or cream top.