Changes of peasant life in the middle ages

  • 500

    Economics destroyed Roman slavery

    Estate management of slaves became costly and the empire ceased to expand. The supply of new slaves declined and the size of cities became small. Market oriented, large scal agriculture became less profitable
  • 501

    Slaves became akin to sharecroppers

    They cultivated the plots, made annual payments to thier owners and clutivated the undivided portions of the estate
  • Period: 501 to

    From Slave to peasant

    Lords sold off some of their slaves while establishing other slave families n individual plots of land
  • Period: Jul 1, 600 to

    Christianity Spreads

    Christianity was the center of a peasants life
  • Period: Jul 31, 1000 to Jul 31, 1300

    Population doubled in growth

    As population increased so did the demand for peasant labor
  • Jul 31, 1001

    Three field system becomes standard

    This greatly increased yeild, a minimal increase in labor and their diet improved
  • Jul 31, 1100

    The beginning of free peasantry

    In order to incourage the bringing in of new land the lord made special arrangements with the villages. Villages had the privilage of dealing with the lord and his reps collectively. They were also able to purchase the right to control petty courts and limit fine. They also had protection from the arbitrary demands of labor and taxes. As a result the were able to negoiate their freedom
  • Jul 31, 1315

    First great famine

    People died by the thousands and the peasants were hit the hardest
  • Period: Jul 31, 1336 to Jul 31, 1435

    Hundred years' war

  • Period: Jul 31, 1347 to Jul 31, 1352

    Black Death

    One-third to one-half of the population died from this diease caused by infected rats. As a result fields were abandoned, work places stood idle and trade was suspended. Traditional bonds of kinship, village and regligion were broken
  • Jul 31, 1349

    Peasants are in great demand

    The surviving peasants of the BLack Death were able to negoiate higher wages and improve relationships with landlords
  • Jul 31, 1358

    The Jacquerie

    Peasants taxes increased and as a result peasant revolted against their landlords. They attacked nobles killing them along with their children and wives
  • Period: Jul 31, 1381 to

    Peasant revolt

    Peasants revolted across Europe. They beileved that they could change their lives for the better by being unified
  • Jul 31, 1400

    Public assistance; Social control and repression

    Hospitals distributed food to the poor. In some cities only people with special license wer able to beg.
  • Peasants become primary source of income for their lords

    Lords forced peasants to move into small settlements thus abandoning thier isolated farmsteads and traditional villages. In the newly found villages everything must be done with the lords permission ie marriage, settling desputes in the lords court, using the lords mills ect.