Pleasantville ver5

Changes in Pleasantville

  • David suggests Skip should not date Mary Sue

    David suggests Skip should not date Mary Sue. This is the beginning of a plethora of changes in Pleasantville.
  • Period: to

    Change: Cause and Effect in Pleasantville.

  • Skip misses a shot.

    Skip is so shocked and upset at David for suggesting that Mary Sue may not want to go out with him. As a result, he misses a shot in basketball. His team mates and coach are all shocked by this change.
  • David persuades Jennifer to date Skip.

    David has to persuade Jennifer to date Skip because he is not the type of guy that she would usually date.
  • What's outside of Plesantville?

    Jennifer asks her teacher 'What is outside of Pleasantville?' The question is dismissed by her teacher and most of the class; however, it is addressed later on in the film.
  • Becoming Mary Sue

    David has to persuade Jennifer to dress like Mary Sue. At first she is not willing to do so, as Mary Sue's style is much more conservative than what Jennifer is used to.
  • 'Bud' is late for work

    David, in his role as Bud turns up to work late at Mr J's diner.
  • Mr J is upset

    Mr J is upset after Bud is late for work because he realises that he is not as self sufficient as he thought. He relies heavily on routine and does not know what to do when the routine is disrupted.
  • David encourages initaitive

    David suggests to Mr J that he is cpapable of doing things of his own initiative, even if it deviates from the usual.
  • Jennifer and Skip go out on their first date.

    Jennifer goes out with Skip and takes him to Lover's Lane. This was unprecedented first date behaviour.
  • Skip is seduced

    Jennifer seduces Skip when they go to Lover's Lane.
  • Other couples hot up their relationships

    After their rendezvous at Lover's Lane, other couples in Pleasantville start to hot up their relatioships and explore their sexuality verry openly.
  • More colour in Pleasantville.

    More colours begin to appear around the town - Bubblegum, green cars. the jukebox.
  • People turn to colour

    The residents who have changed their behaviour or perspective, knowledge or routine, turn to colour.
    This also angers the senior memebers of Pleasantville, particularly the Mayor.
  • The public meeting and The Code.

    The Mayor and other senior members call a public meeting to instate 'The Code'. A set of rules that will prevent any further changes from occuring in Pleasantville.
  • The red rose

    Skip sees a red rose after dropping Jennifer off at home from their date. This is the first addition of colour in Pleasantville. It is symbolic of the new behaviour that occured.
  • Skip corrupts the team and they lose their games

    Skip tells the basketball team about his experiences and currpts their thoughts. As a reult of this, the team who had 'never lost a game' loses their first.
  • The men are upset!

    The men of Pleasantville become upset because of the basketball team's loss and the changes occuring in Pleasantville.
  • The Public meeting and The Code.

    The Mayor and other senior members call a public meeting to instate 'The Code'. A set of rules that will prevent any further changes from occuring in Pleasantville.
  • Mr J takes initiative.

    Mr J follows David home to tell him that he closed the diner on his own. This relfects a change in his bhevaiour and growth of his masculinty.
  • Bettty sees a change.

    Betty sees the chnage in Mr J and acknowledges it. She is attracted to his developed masculinty.
  • A hand full of red hearts

    Betty's change in perspective is marked by the hand full of red hearts that she draws when playing cards with her friends. At this stage of the film, she is afraid of exposing it.
  • Betty asks about sex

    Betty's curiousity continues to grow when she asks Jennifer about sex and what goes on at Lover's Lane. Her new found knowledge causes her to drastically change her behaviour.
  • Fire in Pleasantville.

    As a result of Betty's change in behaviiour, fire breaks out in Pleasantville, a force unknown to the town. David alerts the fireman and a result, they finally come to understand what their job requires of them. It was about more than saving cats from trees.
  • David gets a medal!

    David receives a bravery medal for alerting the town about the fire.
  • David receives cookies

    Margaret gives David cookies for his bravery. David insists that the cookies are meant for Whitey; however, Margaret assures him that they are indeed meant for him.
  • David answers questions.

    David answers some of the questions of the the people of Plesantville regarding the fire. He establishes that there is a world beyond Pleasantville.
  • Reading and knowledge

    The empty pages of books begin to fill in and the people of Pleasantville desire new knowledge. There is a rapid increase in reading as queues form outside of libraries.
  • David and Margaret go on a date.

    David and Margaret go on their first date to Lover's Lane. When they arrive, the entire location has turned to colour and people are seen to be reading books.
  • David eats the apple

    Margaret offers David an apple to eat from one of the trees at Lover's Lane. This acts as a catalyst for more significant changes in the town and in David.
  • Rain in Pleasantville.

    After David eats the apple it rains in Pleasantville for the first time. This is a significant change in environment.
  • Margaret turns to colour.

    After embracing the rain, Margaret finally turns to colour.
  • David introduces Mr J to art.

    David gives Mr J an art book that covers a variety of art movements over time. Mr J is inspired but what he sees.
  • Mr J paints

    After being inspired by the art book, Mr J paints Betty nude.
  • Betts gets harrassed

    After being painted in the nude, Betty is intimidated and harrassed by Whitey and his gang as she walks down the street.
  • David defends Betty.

    David stops Whitey and his gang from attacking Betty. As a result of his new found courage and assertiveness, he finally turns to colour.
  • David takes a stand

    As a result of his change in behaviour, David defies the rules of the code and turns the jukebox back on.
  • The mural

    David and Mr J stand up for their beliefs and paint a brightly coloured mural on a public wall.
  • The arrest

    David and Mr J are arressted for defying the rules of The Code. They are put to trial by the non-coloured members of the town.
  • Pleasantville turns to colour.

    The entire town of Pleasantville turns to colour after David convinces them to open their minds to new possibilties.
  • David and Jennifer make their choices

    David leaves Pleasantville to return to the real world. Jennifer decides to stay in Pleasantville to pursue her education.
    Their brother and sister relationship has developed as they embrace while saying their farewells.