By abtbeb
  • Good-Bye Home

    Good-Bye Home
    Isabel and Ruth are sold and on their way to New York.
  • Chores

    Isabel does her chores and meets Becky the head maid of the house.
  • Seizures

    Ruth falls on the floor having a seizure and can't live with the Locktons anymore.
  • Insolence

    Isabel is burned with the mark of ''I'' for Insolence on her cheek.
  • Still Enslaved

    Still Enslaved
    The British beat the rebels and took over New York so Isabel was still a slave.
  • Fire

    Isabel and Lady Seymour were caught in a house fire in the middle of the night.
  • Jail Time

    Jail Time
    Isabel had to sneak to the prison to feed her ''brother''Curzon so that he will survive.
  • Victory

    After New Years Isabel found out that George Washington and his troops chased the British away from another city.
  • Escape

    Isabel decides it's time to escape. So she goes to the jail and pretends that Curzon was dead to sneak him in a wheel barrel and sails away.