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chad garcia

  • Sep 17, 1497

    john cabot explores north america

    john cabot explores north america
    cabot was an italian from venice who lived in england and had taken an englidh name. cabot only had one small boat and reached that is now northfoundland after one mouth.
  • england arrive at jamestown

    england arrive at jamestown
    king james had three small ships and about 100 menreached the shores.the place that they landed on was named jamestown in honor of their king.
  • pilgrims settle in plymouth

    pilgrims settle in plymouth
    after 64-day voyage across the atlantic ocean they reached the shore what is now cape cod in 1620. the ship was blown off course and some scouts were sent out to explore the region.
  • puritans settel in boston

    puritans settel in boston
    the group of puritans set out for america with fleet of 15 ships. john winthrop became governor of the new settlement and then within a few years,nearly 10,000 colonists came to this settlement.
  • britsh win battle

    britsh win battle
    the birtshneeded one major victory to foce the french to surrender. the stronghold of the french was quebec, canada.
  • the tready of paris was signed

    the tready of paris was signed
    france gave great britain the land east of the mississippi river, exept new orleans. the area of louisiana west of the mississippiand new orleans, which france had claimed, went to its ally, spain.
  • anasazi

    the anasazi built houses into cliffs and that is why they were called cliff dwellers.the largest dwellings hadore than 600 rooms.
  • toltec

    the toltecs ruled a strong civilization in the mexican highlands. the ruins were there main city,tula, includes the remains of several temples.