Ch. TimeLine :)

  • Virginia/ Africans

    Africans in Virginia were being kept in long slavery.
  • Taxes >:(

    Poor colonists protests higher taxes
  • Off to a new adventure! <3

    Pilgrims left England.
  • First Colonists

    The first 105 colonist sent by the London company arrived in England.
  • JamesTown

    Colonist founded Jamestown.
  • John Smith

    John Smith took control of Jamestown and built a fort around it.
  • The Netherlands????

    Pilgrims moved to Netherlands.
  • JamesTown Settlers

    More settlers arrived in Jamestown.
  • Aliveness

    colonist were sill alive.
  • Dutch Ships

    Dutch ship brought the first Africans to Virginia.
  • WHOP WHOP! were off to see the America, The wonderful Americasssss!

    The Mayflower left England.
  • George Calvert :lD

    George Calvert asked King Charles І for a charter to establish a colony in America for
  • Plymouth Rock??? That sounds like a snake name.

    Pilgrims landed at Plymouth Rock.
  • More JamesTown People! Maybe we DO stand a chance.

    New settlers arrived in Jamestown.
  • Economy?! Worse? whats Happening to this world????? :0

    England’s economy suffered
  • The Mayflower Compact, Very nice.

    41 male passengers signed the Mayflower compact.
  • Colonist settlement? I didnt know..."Samoset"

    Samoset walked into the colonist settlement.
  • Killing Starts

    Colonist killed Powhatan leader.
  • English Crown :(

    English crown canceled the company’s charter
  • Wow talk about desertion

    Thousand of people left England.
  • More people coming YAY!

    Charles granted a group of Puritans a charter to settle in New England.
  • A fleet of ships? There must be somting going

    A fleet of ships carrying Puritan colonist left England.
  • Calverts Son too :O

    Charles issued a charter to Calvert’s son.
  • 200 English Cathlics Oh My!

    A group of 200 English Catholics came to Maryland.
  • Thomas Hooker Leaves? There sure is alot of leaving involved with history.

    Thomas Hooker left Massachusetts to find Connecticut.
  • Hooker Writes Orders. How Many Orders Is there going to be. :0

    Hooker wrote Fundamental Orders of Connecticut.
  • Protestants :D

    Protestants began moving to Maryland.
  • Wow talk about disertion

    Thousand of people left England.
  • 2-houses. Oooo your going all fancy on me now.

    General Court became a two-house legislature.
  • Giving Land :O :D

    Charles II gave much of the land between Virginia and Spanish Florida.
  • Attacked/ Attacking D:<

    Group of former indentured servants attacked some friendly Indians.
  • New Kings. Phhh

    James II became king of England.
  • MA has expanded YAY! more room for MEEE!

    Massachusetts bay colony had expanded to include the Pilgrims Plymouth Rock.
  • Slaves main source of labor! VERY BERY BAD.

    Enslaved Africans became the main source of labor.
  • NC And SC.. They SPLIT UP?! :O

    Carolina split into North and South Carolina.
  • Proprietary Government :)

    Proprietary government was overthrown.
  • Man the crown keeps buying our land :L

    Crown purchased North and South America.
  • Slaves Come To SC ;(

    20,000 enslaved Africans were living in South Carolina.
  • George ll & Oglethorpe

    King George II granted a charter to Oglethorpe.
  • Savannah? like the desert? No like the city

    Oglethorpe founded the city of Savannah.
  • Georgia a royal country. Thats so ROYAL

    British government made Georgia a royal colony.
  • How Many people will own Florida? :P

    Britain received Florida.
  • More Peace? Good For USS!

    Britain and France signed the Treaty of Paris.
  • Boycotting Will begin.....with us.

    First colonial boycott started in New York.
  • Stamp Act Yepiee

    Stamp Act issued.
  • More Education. GREAT!

    70% of men and 45% of woman could read and right.
  • Another Act? Hm.....

    Coercive Act Passed.
  • Better Act. Even Better!

    Parliament replaced the Stamp Act with the Townshed Act passed.