Ch. 3 timeline

  • England practiced mercantilism.

  • Colonist founded Jamestown

    Colonist founded Jamestown
  • John Smith took control of Jamestown and built a fort around it.

  • More settlers arrived in Jamestown

  • Dutch founded New Netherland

  • Dutch ship brought the first Africans to Virginia

  • The Mayflower left England

    The Mayflower left England
  • George Calvert asked King Charles I for a charter to establish a colony in America for Catholics

  • Pilgrims landed at Plymouth Rock

    Pilgrims landed at Plymouth Rock
  • Samoset walked into the colonist settlement

  • Settlers killed Powhatan leader

  • A group of 200 English Catholics came to Maryland

  • Thomas Hooker left the Massachusetts to find Connecticut.

  • Hooker wrote Fundamental Orders of Connecticut

  • Protestants began moving to Maryland

  • General courts of Massachusetts issued and order that school be founded in every township of 50 families.

  • Navigation Act was put into affect.

    Navigation Act was put into affect.
  • Charles II gave much of the land between Virginia and Spanish Florida

  • King Philip's war erupted.

  • King Charles II granted charter to William Penn to begin a colony west of New Jersey.

  • James II became king of England.

  • King James passed the English Bill of Rights.

  • Community conflicts in New England involved Witchcraft trials.

  • William and Mary established Virginia

  • Enslaved Africans became the main source of labor.

  • Enlighten movement was put into affect.

  • Carolina split into North and South Carolina

  • 20,000 enslaved Africans were living in South Carloina

  • The Great Awakening began.

  • Molasses Act put into affect.

  • fighting began in Europe, leading up to the Seven Year's War.

  • Britain received Florida

  • Pontiac's Rebellion began.

  • Britain and France signed the Treaty of Paris.

  • Proclamation of 1763 issued.

  • First colonial boycott started in New York

  • Townshed act passed

  • British soldiers arrived in Boston.

  • 70% of men and 45% of women could read and write.

  • Ships loaded with tea entered Boston Harbor