Greenhouse gas emissions based timetable

  • Period: to

    Before 2014

  • Kyoto Protocol is ineffective.

    For it to be effective 55 countries will have to ratify and there should be more annex I countries signing but there's only 37.5 percent of them signing
  • Global Economic Crisis

    International will to negotiate on carbon emissions reduces as national economies fall
  • China takes the lead from US

    In Greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Period: to

    After 2014

  • Paris agreement is drafted

    The Paris agreement wants to keep rise in mean global temperature to 1.5°C thus slowing climate change by reducing emissions of carbon gas.
  • Paris agreement is signed

    By a total of 195 countries (-minus America) and eventually ratified by 190
  • Global Carbon emissions fell by 6.4 percent

    Though it must be noted that the Paris Agreement had less to do with this, the Covid 19 pandemic stopped most economic and social activities which made carbon emissions lower.