2013 clip art


By ghe5
  • When I was born!

    I was born at 6:30pm on Halloween 2001 in indianapolis, indiana,. My nurse was dressed like a clown!
  • I go to paraguay for the first time!!!

    I know what you're thinking. That was such a young age to start traveling! This place is in south america where my mom was born. I know that I don't look hispanic but I am.
  • When I got my dog, charlie!

    When I got charlie from the pound, he peed on my dad's shoe!
  • Gaby was born!

    I was so excited when Gaby was born. Even though I was too young to know what was happening.
  • Moving to Colorado

    I didn't want to move but I had to. It was hard to take Charlie!
  • I lose my first tooth

    I was so young that instead of money I got a book!
  • I cut my chin

    I hit my chin on ice and there is still a scar...
  • moving to england

    This was my first time in first class. The flight was long. It was 8-11 hours long! But that isn't all because the people who lived in england drove on the right side of the road and the car too!
  • Moving to NC

    I was already used to moving places so it was no big deal. But I had to go on another eight (or eleven) hour plane!
  • The first time I had a party on my birthday!

    I had a scientist come to the party...
  • My first year at GHE!

    I went to another school before this but then I moved to a house. I had Mr. Scott for 4th grade.
  • I start fifth grade

    I can't believe how fast the years went by. This year we would be the kings and queens of elementary but before I know it we will be the babies of middle school.