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cc7 history of telegram

  • first telegram

    Sameul Mores sent the first first telegram on his newly invented telegraph. It said "what hath god wrought" a line from the bible.
  • Period: to


  • first telegram line and first long distance telegram

    After waiting 11 years Samuel Mores sees the first long distance telegram.
  • acustic telegram

    acustic telegram
    The acustic telegraph alowed operators to decode more telegrams per hour than the old ones. Also it was more cost efficiant because the companies did not have to buy paper anymore.
  • telegram today

    Telegrams are still sent today as retro and there are some services that will send you a telegram. They may not be common but they still exist and you can still send a message. They also can be found in museums.
  • future prediction

    There may be a holographic telegram services or they may be used in museums. Or they might just die out after holding out for so long against the telephone.
  • Future Prediction

    Telegrams will never be sent anymore. In the future, people will probably send messages using a protractor that shines.