Cayucos Timeline

  • Rancho Moro y Cayucos

    A Mexican land grant is given by Governor Juan B. Alvarado to Martin Olivera and Vicente Feliz. The land would later become what is known today as Morro Bay and Cayucos.
  • Cayucos Origins

    Captain James Cass, from New England, settles in what would later become Cayucos.
  • Cayucos Pier Built

    William Beebe and L. Schwartz build a pier and warehouse for commercial purposes. The pier still stands today for tourism and recreational purposes.
  • The First Church is Built

    A Presbyterian church is built and remains active up until the 1920's.
  • Cass House Restored

    Original house of Captain James Cass, which still stands on the north end of Cayucos, is remodeled and transformed into a restaurant, inn and historical icon.
  • National Recognition

    In October of 2009, Cayucos is recognized as one of Budget Travel Magazine's "coolest small towns in America."