Causes of WW1

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    causes of ww1

  • Franco-Prussian War ends

    France loses Alsace-Lorraine, Prussian occupation in parts of France until they paid 5,000 million marks, King of Prussia made German Emperor in Palace of Versailles.
  • Three Emperor's League formed

    'Dreikaiserbund' Germany, Russia, Austria Hungary. Perserve monarchy, keep peace between the latter two.
  • The Dual Alliance formed

    Defensive treaty between Germany & Austria Hungary, in case Russia attacked, because of conflict between the latter two over th Balkans that caused previous defensive treaty with all three to collapse.
  • Three Emperor's League reformed

    Russia feels isloated, turns to Germany, 'Dreikaiserbund' updated.
  • Triple Alliance

    Germany, Austria Hungary, Italy. Any attacked by 2+ powers, others promises assistance.
  • Reinsurance Treaty

    'Dreikaiserbund' fell. Made to keep Germany & Russia relations friendly.
  • Kaiser Wilhelm II came to the throne

    Kaiser Wilhelm II came to the throne
  • Bismark forced to resigns

    Bismark forced to resigns
    He's replaced as Chancellor by Leo von Caprivi
  • Franco-Russian Alliance drafted

    Promised help if the other is attacked by one of the powers in the Triple Alliance. They also promised to each mobolize certain amount of troops if the Triple Alliance country mobilized.
  • First Germany Naval Law

    construction programme of Germany, starts building its navy. Nineteen battleships, 8 armoured cruisers, 12 large and 30 light cruisers to be completed by 1904.
  • Fashoda Incident

    British and French conflict in Eastern Africa. British have the upper hand. The French public does not want war over somewhere so far from home, and under the increasing threat of Germany, France agreed to peaceful diplomatic solution. Spheres of influence in the area was agreed.
  • Second Germany Naval Law

    Fleet to be doubled to 38 battleships, 20 armoured cruisers and 38 light cruisers.
  • Anglo-Japanese Alliance

    Both remain neutral if one or other at war. But if either obliged to fight against two+ powers, the other have to provide military aid.
  • Russo-Japanese War starts

    Over domninance in Korea & Manchuria, Japan wins 1905.
  • Entente Cordiale

    Resolved lots of long standing colonial disputes & establish a closer/friendlier relationship.
  • Moroccan Crisis #1 starts

    Germany attacked France-influenced Morocco. Britian supported France in exchange for recognising Britian's rule in Egypt.
  • HMS Dreadnought built

    HMS Dreadnought built
    Britain developes battleship that renders all navies useless.
  • Algeciras Conference

    Held due to Moroccan Crisis, to decide what to do with Moroccan. Britain, Spain and Italy sides with France against Germany. Wilhelm II want to agree to many of France's demands in hopes of forming French & German alliance w/ Russia, so Russia would still be seen as important, to isolate Britain. Britian knows this, promise help to France no matter this conference's result. Germany failed. Germany have also worsen relations with Austria-Hungary (who wanted Germany to act less agreesive) & Italy.
  • Anglo Russian Entente

    Britian & Russia settle colonial disputes.
  • Triple Entente

    Because of Anglo-Russian Entente. This = Great Britain, France, and Russia.
  • Austria-Hungary annexes Bosnia-Herzegovina

    Offically a teritory of Ottoman Empire, but up till now had influenced by Austria Hungary. Since recent Young Turks rebillion Austria Hungary saw a chance to assert dominance in the Balkans. Serbia is unhappy as they wanted Bosnia-Herzegovina Chief of staff of the Austrian army ask his German counterpart what Germany would do if they invade Serbia, which would provoke Russia. The asnwer was that Germany would support even though AH was the aggressor.
  • Bosnian Crisis ends

    Austria Hungary annex Bosnia Herzegovinia, which Serbia wanted.
  • Moroccan #2 (Agadir) Crisis ends

    France sends troops in at Moroccan leader's request. Germany sees this as French take over, sends gunboat Agadir (Moroccan coast) want a compensation that threatened Britian's naval interests. Germany in the end accepeted only strips of territory in French Congo.
  • First Balkan War ends

    Serbia+Greece+Montenegro+Bulgaria form alliance due to Russian encouragement, drives out Turkey in Macedonia. British Foreign Secretary called peace conference - Turkish land divided, Austria Hungary created Albania to contain Serbia.
  • Second Balkan War ends

    Treaty of Bucharest: Macedonia and Salonika (spoils of First Balkan War) contain many Bulgarians. Bulgaria vs Serbia and Greece. Lost. Most land gained in First Balkan War given to Serbia and Greece.
  • Assassination of Franz Ferdinand

  • "Blank Cheque"

    Kaiser Wilhelm II promise unconditional support for Austria-Hungary, no matter how they deal with Serbia.
  • Austria Hungary gives ultimatum to Serbia