Causes of World War Two and Hitler's rise to power

  • The Wall Street Crash

    After almost ten years of prosperity in America due to the Stock Market sheres continually rising, in 1929 the dipped. This lead to the Great Depression and hadacrippling effect worldwide.
  • FDR becomes President of the USA

    After many republican presidents, Franklin Deleware Roosevelt won the 1933 elections by a landslide.
  • Hitler Becomes Chancellor of Germany

    Hitler was appointed reich Chancellor by President Hindenburg. He had quickly rose in popularity after the Wall St.Crash as he had promised the German population to end unemployment and make Germany powerful once more. Joseph Goebels also used propoganda to promote Hitler as the 'Person destined to lead Germany'.
  • Japan leaves the League of Nations

  • Germany leaves the League of Nations

  • Period: to

    Hitler begins to rearm Germany

    After pulling Germany out of the League, Hitler began rearmimg. Although this was against the Treaty of Versailles, Hitler said he did it to prevent unemployment and many other countries had done the same.
  • Period: to


    Britain and France give Hitler what he wants
  • Hitler become Furher

    After Himdenburg died, Hitler merged the roles of Office president and Chancellor to create the role of 'Furher und Reichskanzler', or Leader and Chancellor. Now every man who joined the army had to swear a personal oath to Hitler.
  • Period: to

    The Soviet Union Joins the League of Nations

  • The LON aproves of the Saar plebscite

    This means that the Saar region is officially included in Germany's borders.
  • Hitler reintroduces conscription

  • Period: to

    The Abysinnia Crisis

  • Germany occupies the Rhineland

    Germany occupies the Rhineland
    This is in direct violation with the Treaty of Versailles, but due to the League being preoccupied with the Abysinnia crisis, Germany gets away with it.
  • Spanish Civil War begins

    Nationalist forces, led by Francisco Franco rose against the republican government.
  • The Olympics begin in Berlin

    Hitler used the Olympics to show Germany's power to the rest of the world
  • Germany and Japan sigh an Anti-communist alliance

    Formally know as the Anti-Comitern Pact
  • The Hitler Youth

    The Hitler Youth
    Hitler makes it mandatory for all boys between the ages of 10 and 18 to join the Hitler Youth.
  • Italy leaves the League of Nations

    Italy leaves the League of Nations
  • Austria is annexed by germeny

    Austria is annexed by germeny
    This happens through a plebiscite known as the Anchluss.
  • The Munch agreement is signed

    The Munch agreement is signed
    This gives Germany the Sudetenland in Eastern Czechoslovakia, but he PROMISES not to invade the rest of Czeckoslovakia.
  • Germany invades the rest of Czechoslovakia

    Germany invades the rest of Czechoslovakia
    He lied...Not cool...Totally annoyed England ...appeasement wasn't working out that well...they stopped it and were like 'Hitler if you invade any other country we will wage a war'.
  • Nazi-Soviet Pact is signed

    Nazi-Soviet Pact is signed
    This allience, signed by Ribbentrop and Stalin, said neither country would attack the other and secretly both agreed to 'share' Poland.
  • World War Two begins

    World War Two begins
    England, New Zealand, Australia and France declare war on Germany
  • Germeny invades Poland

    Germeny invades Poland
    More accurately, the Polish Corridor