Causes of the civil war

  • Misouri compromise

    To make misouri and maine, states to balance anti slavery and pro slavery states, misouri was the line for slavery itself, everything above was was anti slavery and everything below was pro slavery.
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    Causes of the civil war

  • Tariff of abominations

    Jacksons tariff seeked to protect the north, but it only benefited the north so the south got angry and asked to nullify, and south carolina threatend to separate, but jackson threted to involve military so they took the tariffs but not the military enforcment.
  • Nat turners rebellion

    a successfull black vs white rebellion led by nat turner, who killed dozens of white people over to days in virginia. He was later killed with many of his friends, this scared the south and they added more restrictions to the blacks.
  • compromise of 1850

    California wanted to enter as union free state, which unbalanced the states.
  • Uncle toms cabin

    a book by harriet beecher, that talked about the terrors of slavery, it brang awarness and became very popular in eroupe and in the states.
  • Kansas Nebraska act

    An Act that brought in Nebraska as a state after organizing it's territory, this act made it possible for these two states to open up to slavery
  • Birth of republican party

    when the whig party was separated because of the misouri comp bill, the north was against the bill, the suth was in favor, with slavery involved, most of the south left to the democratic party while the north stayed in the republican party.
  • Bleediing Kansas

    The Kansas Nebraska Act stated wether the residents would the area became a free state or a slave state, both free and pro slavery states wanted kansas, soon both started to fight for kansas.
  • Scott Vs Stanford

    This is a misouri slave that was taken to free states by his owner, when the owner died he sued the widow for his freedom, he lost the case because there was a violation to the owner's right to take their property anywhere. This incited protests.
  • Lincon Douglas debate

    Lincon and douglas debated about a seat in the senate in illinois, Lincon lost but he gained more northern followers, douglas lost democratic support.
  • John Brown's Raid on Harpers Ferry

    The us military was assaulted by an armed band of abolitionists led by John Brown.The raid was intended to be the first stage in an elaborate plan to establish an independent stronghold of freed slaves in the mountains of Maryland and Virginia, brown was captured and convicted to treason and was killed.
  • Lincoln's Election

    Lincon is chosen president over the democratic party and a senate campaign, he was the first republican to win presidency. Republicans gained the White House, because of his views on slavery. By his inaguration, 7 states had seceeded. 1 month later the war began.