Cat osterman

Cat Osterman

  • Birth

    Cat Osterman was born as a healthy baby on April 16.
  • Hometown

    Her hometown is in Houston,Texas.
  • Strikeout Record

    Strikeout Record
    In her total career she struck out 2,265 people.
  • High School

    High School
    She went to high school through the years of 2002-2003. She played softball for the school.
  • Awards from the 2004 Olympics

    Awards from the 2004 Olympics
    Her team got the gold medal in the Athens 2004 Olympics.
  • Olympics

    She played in the Olympics at Athens in 2004
  • Why She Left High School

    Why She Left High School
    She left high school to be in the Olympics.
  • School

    In 2005 she returned to high school to finish off high school.
  • College

    University of Texas is where Cat Osterman went to college.
  • Position

    She is a pitcher.
  • Olympic Awards

    Olympic Awards
    In 2008 her team got the silver medal in Beijing.
  • Olympics

    She also played in the Olympics at Beijing in 2008.
  • Dead Or Alive

    Dead Or Alive
    Cat Osterman is still alive today. Cat Osterman still plays softball today and she is a runner.