Casteel, Abnormal Psychology TImeline

  • Jan 22, 1578

    Johann Weber (1515-1588), Book De Praestigus Daemonum

    Discredited devil possession for abnormal behavior, started process to use drugs (meds) to treat mental illness.
  • Franz Anton Mesmer, Father of Hypnotism

    Mesmer studied how magnetism effected the body, looking for clues to further treatment of mental illness
  • Vincenzo Chiarugi

    Introduced regulations to begin to improve conditions in mental hospitals.
  • First Mental Hospital Opened in the United States

  • Dorteau Dix, began a campaign for the treatment of the poor who were mental ill

  • G. Stanley Hall- Received the first Ameican PhD in psychology

  • Emil Kraepelins, begin to work on classification of mental illness

    Emil Kraepelin' s ideas were adopted in America for the classification of mental illness in 1882.
  • APA (American Psychological Association) founded

  • First Psychological Clinic Developed, start of clinical psychology

  • Code of Ethics was adopted by the APA

  • Psychology being establishment of e-therapy