Cassini-Huygens Space Mission

By topper
  • The Launch

    The Launch
    In October 1997 was the Cassini's first launch. This is the first step in the spacecraft's mission, ''the Enceladus mission.''
  • Period: to

    Cassini's mission span

  • Lovely Venus

    Lovely Venus
    Welcome to Venus, first site of Cassini's path. The ship traveled 176 miles. Cassini later orbited Venus again.
  • Deja Fu

    Deja Fu
    Cassini is orbiting Venus for the second time. Did they go backwards?
  • I Can See Home From Here

    I Can See Home From Here
    Here is Cassini's greatest planet it orbited-Earth. the journey was 727 miles. It was just one step closer to finishing the mission and returning home.
  • Almost There

    Almost There
    Now we come to Jupiter, Cassini's final stop before Saturn. We're almost there.
  • Landing

    On this day, Cassini started orbiting Saturn where it begins to study the planet and its rings. Cassini is the first spacecraft to travel to the outer planets.
  • Next Stop

    Next Stop
    Cassini now reaches its next stop, Titan, one of Saturn's moons. This way we can gather more information about the planet.
  • Daring Dive

    Daring Dive
    It was on this day that Cassini dove through the Enceladus (another one of Saturn's moons) plume. What a dangerous journey!
  • The End

    The End
    Sadly, Cassini's extended mission (it was originally planned for four years) ended in June, 2008. But this isn't the end for Cassini.
  • The Future

    The Future
    Cassini was chosen for the latest mission, ''the solstice mission.'' This journey should end in September 2017.