• Oliver Evans make a steam engine for carts

    Oliver Evans of Maryland patents a steam engine for the use in powering carts and carriages
  • Francois invents a internal combustion engine

    Francois Isaac de Rivaz built and demonstrated the first working internal combustion engine. It is fuelled by a mixture of hydrogen and oxygen aand is reliant on a foot operated exhaust valve. Mountain on a small trolley travels just a few metres.
  • Robert Stirling made the steam engine more efficient

    Reverend Robert Stirling made the steam engine not only safer but much more effient than before
  • 1832-1839 robert anderson invented the first crude

  • first tracter

    The first gasoline tracter made by jonh.f
  • first car in the usa

  • converted oil to gasoline

  • first U.S. gasoline pipline

    th first gasoline pipeline began transporting gasoine through a three inch pipe
  • modified and internal cumbustion engine

    charles kettering modified an internal cumbustion engine to run on kerosene