Carmen's Experience with Digital Technology

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  • My years at school

    My years at school
    Being part of the baby boomer's generation (1946-1964) and living in a third world country, digital technology wasn't available in the educational environment. Teachers used the traditional blackboard and educative films occasionally.
    Digital technology has its entrance digital technology in classroom in the 1980's as computer-aided instruction.
  • Indiana University at Bloomington: Computer

    Indiana University at Bloomington: Computer
    I had my first experience with digital technology when I was working on my Masters degree on Library Science at Indiana University. I used a desktop computer for the computer class. I was taught to program using FORTRAN. There was a main frame printer that used spreadsheet paper. Any other class used a computer. Research papers were typed using a typewriter.
  • Distance learning

    Distance learning
    I had a class through distance learning where the professor was in another campus lecturing two more at the same time. By that time I rather had a professor in front of me. Now, I rather have online classes than going to the class. It is more time consuming to attend, and my work schedule wouldn't allow me to do so .
  • Using digital technology

    Using digital technology
    Once I finish my masters degree, I worked in a private university in Puerto Rico where I had my first desktop computer. I used word perfect as a word processor and a floppy disk to safe the data. The use of emails were starting to be used as a paperless project.
  • Online Public Access Catalog (OPAC)

    Online Public Access Catalog (OPAC)
    The institution was technology oriented and the library automation started its way. Since the institution had ten branches, this process took about five years. MARC (machine- readable cataloging record) was used for this process, and it still the main tool for cataloging.
  • Mobile phones

    Mobile phones
    The first mobile phone that I used was in my brothers car. It had to be install in the trunk of the car. It was like a suite case and the phone still had a cord. People that had mobile phones those days was because they had the need due to the type of their jobs. Phone calls were very expensive. Now days, mobile phones are wireless and the use is fairly inexpensive.
  • Distance learning pioneers

    Distance learning pioneers
    The university that I worked since I graduated from Indiana University were the first to fund the use of distance learning. The equipment was installed in four main campuses around the island of Puerto Rico. They started with full courses and never went into full programs. Students were skeptical about the idea of not having a professor in front of them.
  • My first laptop

    My first laptop
    A friend bought me a laptop for me but the entire family took turns to used it. It had to be connected with a cord to the internet. The laptop was so convenient for my daughters to search for information for their assignments. The laptop was connected to a printer by cord. Laptops are still so convenient for a wide variety of purposes and tasks. They came to continue evolving a never disappear.
  • Androids for everyone at home

    Androids for everyone at home
    Androids phones how convenient. The become children's and adults best friend. I use my banks apps, outlook, CNN news, Kindle to read, google chrome, facebook, Apps
  • My present world

    My present world
    Digital Technology is integrated in what I do every single day. I work in an institution with on-campus and online students. I have to use Moodle and Infotrack, Gale, and ProQuest databases for information for research purposes. Through Moodle I post information about library use. There is a Ask a librarian tool box for them to communicate with me. As for my personal life, my phone has all the apps that I need to run my daily itinerary.