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Carl Sandburg

  • Date of Birth

    Date of Birth
    Carl Sandburg was born in 1878 in Getesburg, Illinois
  • Drop Out

    In 8th grade Carl Sandburg dropped out school to begin working.
  • Traveling

    Carl Sandburg makes his first trip to Chicago at the age of 18.
  • The Army

    The Army
    Carl Sandburg joins the military for the Spanish American War.
    (Sees no action)
  • Prison

    Carl get put in jail in PA for not being able to pay his train fare.
  • Chicago Poems

    Chicago Poems
    Publishes "Chicago Poems".
  • Promotion

    Carl Sandburg becomes a war correspondent during WW1.
  • Moving

    Carl moves to Michigan.
  • The People, Yes

    Publishes his most famous book, "The People, Yes".
  • Pulitzer Prize

    Pulitzer Prize
    He won a Pulitzer Prize for "Abraham Lincoln: The War Years".
  • Complete Poems

    He publishes Sandburg's Complete Poems which won him yet another Pulitzer Prize.
  • Date of Death

    Date of Death
    Carl sandburg died on july 22, 1967 from heart family.