Carl Gauss

  • Carll Gauss is born.

    Carll Gauss is born.
    Caril Gauss is born in Braunschweig, in the duchy of Braunschweig-Wolfenbüttel, now part of Lower Saxony, Germany. What's interesting, is that his mother did not record his birthdate, only knowing that his birthday is 8 days after easter on a wensday. Carl later finds the puzzle to his birthday.
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    Carl Gauss

  • Carl Gauss becomes a child prodigy.

    Carl, being a mathmatical genius even at his toddler years, impressed everyone with his mathmatical skills.
  • Gauss discovers the Heptadecagon.

    Gauss discovers the construction of the Heptadecagon, a 17-sided polygon and improves the number theory.
  • Carl Publishes his mathmatical book.

    Although it wasnt published untill 1801, Carl wrote a book that explained the number theory as a decipline and is still used to present day.
  • Carl proved yet another theory.

    Carl Gauss proved the fundamental therom of algerbra.
  • Carl conducts a survey.

    In 1818 Gauss, putting his calculation skills to practical use, carried out a geodesic survey of the state of Hanover, linking up with previous Danish surveys. To help in the survey, Gauss invented the heliotrope, an instrument that uses a mirror to reflect sunlight over great distances, to measure positions.
  • Carl finds problems with parellel lines.

    Carl finds a few problems with paarellel lines. He has been accused of stealing work from another mathmetition.
  • Carl makes 3 more proofs.

  • Carl Gauss's death.