Canadians International Involvement between 1945-2011 Jhonnel Ramos

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  • Gouzenko Affair

    It was the royasl commission to understand the facts relating to and the problem around the communication, by the public officals and other persons in positions of the trust, of secret and down low information to agents of a foreign power.
  • Canada joins United Nations

    canada was one of the founding of the united nations.
  • Canadian Peace-Keepers in Cyprus

    Canada helps stabalize cyprus's Government
  • Iron Curtain Speech beginning of Cold War

    Winston churchill speech about the war between tideologies of democracies and communism.
  • Berlin Airlift

    The united states/ NATO flew to east Berlin to drop air supply
  • Canada joins NATO

    Was was established to contain Communist aggression and keep peace among Western Europe.
  • Canada enters the Korean War

    Korea was divided into North and South. North of communists invade the South of democracy. The United Nation (included Canada) was then called to defend the South and push back North Korea. Over 26,500 Canadians took part in the Korean War.
  • The Suez Crisis

    Crisis of the Suez Channel, conflict between Great Britain, France, Israel and Egypt, that place took from the 29 of October to the 6 of November of 1956. also when egypt took over the suez canal from the british and french.the president of egypt took over the canal after.
  • Canada Joins NORAD

    Norad is North amercian defense system, that is joined by Canada and the U.S. It included radar stations, aerospace that gave warning and defense to two world countries.
  • Canada enters the Gulf War

    In the Gulf War, the Iraqi army invaded Kuwait. Saddam Hussein claimed Kuwait as part of Iraq.
  • Cold War ends

    During the 1989 and 1990 the Berlin Wall came down. The Soviet Union was dissolved.
  • Canadian Peacekeepers in Bosnia

    The UN were sent to keep peace in a mission called UNPROFOR, establised in Sarejevo. UN troops were involved in trying to "diminish the negative impact of the civil war."
  • Canadian Peacekeepers in Somalia

    in the late 1992 the country of Somalia had gone through a famine, civil war and had no government.
  • Canadian Peacekeepers in Rowanda

    it was a battle between the Hutu and Tutsi. . The UN refused listen to Romeo Daliere suggestion (needed more troops in Rowanda).
  • War on Terror

    Four planes were hijacked and purposely collided into the World Trade Center. Osama bin Laden leader of al-Qaeda claims he was in charge of the attacks.
  • Canada with NATO enters Afghanistan

    The Canadian mission was to mainly command the Kabul Multinational Brigade. Canada is involved in Afghanistan because of the War on Terror.

    US raids Osama mansion and is shot twice in the head. Osama dying on the same day as adolf hitler.
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    Canadians International Invovlement between 1945-2011- Jhonnel Ramos