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Canadian Modern Day Timeline

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  • First Rememberence Day Held

    First Rememberence Day Held
    Every year on November 11th, Canadians around the world take the day to remember those who sacrificed and contiune sacrificing their lives for the well being of Canada. This tradition started in 1919 and has continued eversince. On the 11th minute of the 11th hour on this day, Canadians take a moment of silence to remember the people who fought in these battles. Rememberence Day is important to Canada because it shows how the people who fight for Canada will never be forgotten.
  • FIFA World Cup Begins

    FIFA World Cup Begins
    The FIFA World Cup is a tournament between national soccer teams. This tournament lasts for a month and occurs every four years. The first FIFA World Cup took place in Uruguay and they ended up winning the tournament. This tournament is significant to Canada as it brings out multiculturalisim to the country. Many people show their pride and support in their nation during this time. Multiculturalism has and always will be something Canada is known for.
  • North Atlantic Treaty Organization was Formed

    North Atlantic Treaty Organization was Formed
    Not long after the Cold War started, many countries formed what was called the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. These countries include European countries, the United States and Canada. Out of all of the countries contributing to NATO, Canada is the sixth largest financial supporter. Canada has benefited a lot from working with NATO. For example, NATO provided many troops from over 42 countries around the world to help Canada in Afghanastan.
  • Canada and United States Signed Auto Pact Agreement

    Canada and United States Signed Auto Pact Agreement
    The Auto Pact Agreement signed by Canada and the United States was very useful for both countries. For one, it got rid of all tariffs on many vehicles. Canada was also given protection for their auto industry and they were given cheaper cars. This showed how Canada was able to work with other countries, which impacted their image positively.
  • World Trade Organization Operates

    World Trade Organization Operates
    Many countries had a meeting and decided that free trade was a solution to the financial problems from the war. Eventually countries had disagreements which lead to the operation of the World Trade Organization. The World Trade Organization is an organization that deals with the rules of trading between countries nationally. It is important to Canada because if there was a dispute between Canada and another country over trading then the World Trade Organization would settle the issue.
  • Quebec Sovereignty Referendum

    Quebec Sovereignty Referendum
    Many people in Quebec would like to seperate from Cananda and have their own country. They believe that since their culture and way of life differs from Canadians, they should be seperated. The government promised that there would be two sovereignty referendums to decide if Quebec should be seperated or not. This affects Canada because if Quebec is to ever leave, then the nation would be changed as a whole. For example it's population would decrease and it would look different on a map.
  • Last Resedential School Closed

    Last Resedential School Closed
    Resedential schools were used to force aboriginal people to do what the government wanted. At these schools, the children were not allowed to speak their language. They were taught to behave badly and to disrespect adult figures in their life. The government decided to close these schools and open day schools for the children. This way, the children could stay at their home. In 1996, the last residential school was closed. This event was important because it affected Canada's image negatively.
  • Ottawa Treaty was Created

    Ottawa Treaty was Created
    Willams and Lloyd Axworthy had a meeting in Ottawa to discuss the possibility of banning landmines. Then the Ottawa Treaty was created, but it required all countries to sign it in order for it to be effective. By ten years later, many countries signed it. However India, Chine, Russia and the United States refused to sign it. They believed that landmines were needed for protection. This event in particular showed how Canada is willing to take a stand for what they believe in.
  • Terrorism Act Committed in the United States

    Terrorism Act Committed in the United States
    On September 11, 2001, a terrorism act commited by people allegedly working for Osama bin Laden caused the death of many American civilians. The Taliban government of Afghanastan was accused of hiding Osama bin Laden. Canada, the United States and a few other countries were sent to Afghanastan. The Canadian army helped maintain peace during the time Afghanistan was preparing their government. This event showed that Canada can be worked with and relied on to do a specific task.
  • America's Economy Affects Oil Boom in Alberta

    America's Economy Affects Oil Boom in Alberta
    In July 2008, America's price for oil changed from $100 US to $147 US. Then, America's economy had a downturn and it affected the oil boom in Alberta. People started using less energy which made the demand for oil supply decrease. Employment was also decreased. This event was important to Canada because it showed how Canada can be useful for other things if the economy is going well.