Canadian Inventions

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  • Heart Pacemaker

    Heart Pacemaker
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  • Electric Wheelchair

    Electric Wheelchair
    The elecric wheelchair was invented by George J. Klein. Now many people we see are disabled, and require a wheelchair to move. The electric wheelchair gives the person a chance to control their own movement and blend into society. Internationaly, wheelchair have become known. It just adds to all the fascinating wonders of Canadians.
  • Automatic Postal

    Automatic Postal
    The automatic postal was invented my Sorter- Maurice. It makes many tasks easier and more time effectient. It has made life easier for Canadians. And at the time of need it came in handy by sending messeges through technology instead of being hand delivered.
  • Crash Position Indicator

    Crash Position Indicator
    The crash position indicator was invented by Harry T. Stevinson and David M. Makow. The indicator is annitionaly for airplanes to worn the pilot of any crashes. This helps to save many lives, because the pilot is prepared to take action ahead of time. The aircraft world respects Canadians for inventing such an incrediable creation.
  • Bone Marrow Campatibility Test

    Bone Marrow Campatibility Test
    The bone marrow compatibility test was invented by Barbara Bain. It gave a heads-up to any who were noticing their bones were not working as well as they used to. The test can help determine if the tissue need to be replaced. To make movemnet more capable. Worldwide the test has helped many with their bone deficiency. It represents Canada in the science field.
  • cellular phone

    cellular phone
    The first automatic analog cellular phone was made in the 1960's. Since it was first originated the phones' have become easier to have access to. They are also smaller and easier to navigate. Sure other countries have upgraded, but you know what they say, ' behind every successful man there is a women.' Behind this successful device is a Canadian.
  • Prosthetic Hand

    Prosthetic Hand
    The prosthetic hand was invented by Helmut Lucas. It was discovered that use of iron was obsolete. In the world it rises Canada higher on the scale of technology. It shows that Canada has made live efficient for those who are diabled.
  • Canola

    Canola was discovered by B.Stefarson and R.Downey. Canola is used worldwide, it represents that it's use was first determined by a Canadian.
  • Biopsy Catheter

    Biopsy Catheter
    The biopsy catheter was invented by Georger Klein. The catheter made a huge discovery. It was not imaginable to see within the human body, but this object has made it possible and educated many patients as of what is going on in their body. The fact that this was made by a Candian, just shows how graet Canadinas are at inventing useful objects.
  • Frankenfish

    A fast-growing genetically engineered salmon developed in Canada has been named one of the 50 best inventions of 2010 in the online version of Time Magazine. It helps produce salmon quicker than usual. If this invention becomes worldwide, people can be aware of the fact that Canadians are always coming up with 'successful' inventions that are actually helping the world.
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