Canadian Immigration - 1776-1914

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    American Revolution

    The American Revolution was a War fought in America wher the Americans fought for their independance. Many British Loyalist escaped to Canada to evade prosocution. Washington Crossing the Delware
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    American Immigrants

    As many as 30000 americans moved into the Maritimes and southern Ontario with the promise of land being given to them. Americans Emigrating to Canada
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    Immigrants from th United States

    In th wake of the American revolution, thousands of loyalist moved to Canada. Immigrants From the U.S. to Canada
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    American Civil War Immigrents

    After the war of 1812, Birtish and Irish soldiers whoh had served their military time, moved to or stayed in Canada. War of 1812
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    Great Migration of Canada

    Due to Britain's floundering economy, many British people immigrated to Canada. Great Migration to Canada
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    Irish Immigration

    Due to the extreme potato famine in Ireland, many Irish people decided to move to Canada. Irish Potato Famine
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    Black Slave Immigration

    With the fighting because of the Civil War, Harriet Tubman transported thousands of black slaves across the border to Canada. Under Ground Railroad
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    Expansion Towards the West

    After Canada became a country, they wanted to populate the west and increase farming of the land. They gave out cheap land and made the Canadian Pacific Railway to do this. Last Spike in the CPR
  • Aliens and Naturalization Act

    Aliens and Naturalization Act
    The Aliens and Naturaliozation Act was the first official Act passed in Canada, It bore restrictions and gudlines on new immigrants and their citizenship. <a href='' >First Citizenship Ceremony in Canada</a>
  • Dominion's Land Act

    Dominion's Land Act
    Canada passed an act that gave free plots of land (160 acres) to anyone who was willing to work the land for agriculture. Dominion Land Act Ticket
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    Canadian Pacific Railyway

    It was in these years that the CPR was built, bringing in Chinese immigrants to build it and eventually be one of the major ways Canada populated the west. Candian Pacific Railway
  • Chinese Head Tax

    Chinese Head Tax
    The Canadian government passed a law that essentially stopped all chinese immgration into Canada. Chinese Heas Tax
  • Continuous Journey Act

    Continuous Journey Act
    The Canadian government put down restrictions in an effort to limit the number of Indian immgrants came to Canada. You had to make one trip directly to Canada or you would not be accepted. Continuous Journey Act
  • Immigration Act

    Immigration Act
    This act was the first one used in Canada to create citizenship. It gave ters and regluations of immigrants becoming Canadian Citizens. European Immigrants
  • European Immigration

    European Immigration
    European ImmigrantsPeople in much of europe were fearful of a war that was begining to form. That war would later become WWI, and many of these people moved to Canada.