Canadian History Timeline 1914-1929

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  • The Beginning of WW1 (-1)

    The Beginning of WW1 (-1)
    POLITICAL- When Britain went to war against Germany, all the colonies of the British empire, (which Canada was a part of) had to join the battle. The war caused political upset because many Canadians who were not of British descent had a problem with fighting in a war that was thousands of miles away and did not involve them at all.
  • War Measures Act (-2)

    War Measures Act (-2)
    POLITICAL- Canada passed the War Measures Act to give the government the ability to do anything deemed necessary during the wartime to protect the Canadians. People with power in the government used this act in terrible ways like to take enemy aliens into internment camps which was a huge setback for Canada, which prided itself on democracy.
  • The Battle of Ypres (+1)

    The Battle of Ypres (+1)
    SOCIAL- It was a brutal battle and the first battle that was ever tan by Canadians. This war was significant because it was the first to ever involve chlorine gas. Although the Canadians were not prepared, they still pushed through and defeated the enemy.
  • The Battle of Vimy Ridge (+1)

    The Battle of Vimy Ridge (+1)
    SOCIAL- Canadians took over 4,000 German prisoners and proved themselves to be great by themselves as well as with other countries assisting them. Though this battle was not all great, since approximately 10,000 Canadians were killed or wounded.
  • Wartime Elections Act (+1)

    Wartime Elections Act (+1)
    POLITICAL- To prepare for an election mainly focused conscription, the government changed election rules, allowing some Canadian women to vote. Meanwhile, many other Canadians lost their right to vote.
  • End of the WW1 (+2)

    End of the WW1 (+2)
    SOCIAL- The war ends and the British empire came out with a win. This gave our country a lot more confidence and pride. Although, the amount of lives sacrificed was significant.
  • The Winnipeg General Strike (+1)

    The Winnipeg General Strike (+1)
    ECONOMIC- One of the most famous and influential strikes in Canadian history. There were more than 30,000 strikers. This brought the economy to a standstill in Winnipeg, which at the time was Canada’s third largest city. It was significant as it brought Canadian unionized workers forward to the Canadian government and business owners to be recognized as a group.
  • Agnes McPhail was Elected (+2)

    Agnes McPhail was Elected (+2)
    SOCIAL- She was the first female member of parliament in Canadian history. She was a champion for workers, seniors and women. Her election as an MP demonstrated that women were moving out of non-traditional roles and demonstrated new opportunities for women in the world.
  • The Persons Case (+2)

    The Persons Case (+2)
    SOCIAL- A famous Canadian constitutional case that decided that women were eligible to sit in the senate of Canada, which also established women as “persons” when under Canadian law. This set the groundwork for equal rights and a step forward for women’s rights in Canada.
  • The Beginning of the Great Depression (-2)

    The Beginning of the Great Depression (-2)
    ECONOMIC- The Great Depression was the worst economic downturn in the history of the industrialized world. It started in 1929 after the stock market crash that wiped out millions of investors. The impact of the great depression reached most Canadians and ruined Canada’s economy.