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Canadian History : 1914-present

  • World War I started

    World War I started because of different causes, such as nationalism, militarism, and alliances. Canada automatically joined the war because Canada was still a colony of Britain.
  • Period: to

    Canadian hitstory : from 1914- to present

  • Battle of Vimy Ridge

    The battle of Vimy Ridge was where all Canadians fought together for the first time and won the battle. This shows that Canadian could do what others couldn't be able to do.
  • Conscription introduced for first time

    Canadian government introduced the conscription for the first time in Canadian history because volunteers decreased and death rate increased. Forcing men to go to the war also caused the conflict between English Canadians and French Canadians.
  • Canadian women gained rights to vote

    All Canadian women that were over age of 21 were allowed to vote in the federal election.
  • World War I ends

    World War I ends, Treaty of Versailles was signed, and Canada joined the League of Nations.
  • Winnipeg General strike

    The Winnipeg General Strike was one of the biggest labour actions where two workers were killed and 30 were injured during the protesting.
  • Chinese immigrantion act

    The act banned Chinese immigrants from entering Canada except Merchant ,Diplomat,Foreign student. They also put head tax which was about 500 dollars on Chinese immigrants.
  • Black Tuesday

    The stock market crashed, Great Depression started and the economy went down. Therefore, a lot of people lost their jobs.
  • On-to-Ottawa Trek

    About one thousand umployed men came from western Canada to Ottawa to protest and talk to Bennett who was the prime minister.
  • Mackenzie King became Prime Minister

    After the great depression, Mackenzie King became Prime Minister again with his Liberal party after his "five-cent speech" at 1929 when the great depression started.
  • World War II began

    Canada declared the war indecently without automatically joining the war with Britain and fought against Axis.
  • The Italian Campaign

    Canadian troops used a trick to fool Germans and Italian which made them move all their troops to Greece. Canadians successfully invaded Ortona, Italy.
  • D-Day

    D-Day is a historical significant event of invasion of France because this was the time that the Allies started to win the war. It also shows that Canadians could fight very well.
  • World War II ends

    As Japanese surrendered after the US dropped two atomic bombs, the World War II ended. Canadian troop started to return and Canada also developed strong industries.
  • Baby Boom started

    As young veterans returned to Canada and getting well paid, a lot of young couples got married and brought a huge number of babies to the world which caused the baby boom.
  • The National Flag of Canada was created

    The National Flag of Canada was created
    Canadian Prime Minister Lester B Pearson at the time decided to use the maple leaf flag instead of the old flag that Britain gave to Canada. This became a very important Canadian identity because Canada has its own flag.
  • Point system is introduced to immigrants

    The immigration’s point system attracted a lot of immigrants from all over the world, and the immigrants' potential helped Canada grow stronger, and became a multi-cultural country.
  • October Crisis

    The FLQ (Front de libération du Québec), a terroristic organization, attempted to separate Quebec from Canada by kidnapping two government officials.
  • War Measure Act in Quebec

    During October Crisis, the government carried out War Measure Act in Quebec and banned Quebecer's rights. They also arrested 465 people and held without charge.
  • Canada became bilingual

    In 1969 the Official Languages Act was passed by parliament ,and declared Canada to be an officially bilingual nation in which all government workers should be able to speak both French and English.
  • Canada's first stronaut

    Marc Garneau was the first Canadian in space taking part in three flights aboard NASA Space shuttles. This was very important to Canada because it helps developing Canadian space program further in the future.
  • Cold war ended

    As the cold war ended, Canadians didn't have to worry about the nuclear that much because of the geographic factor. Canada played a middle power role, and contributed little effort.
  • NAFTA took effect

    North American Free Trade Agreement has brought economic growth and rising standards of living for people in all three countries, but also created hard conditions for some Canadian businesses.
  • Peacekeeping in Afghanistan

    Canada continues his peacekeeper role in the world and sends soldiers over Afghanistan right after the 911 attack to fight against terrorism in order to remove the Taliban from government.
  • Vancouver Winter Olympics

    Vancouver Winter Olympics successfully held in Canada, and ends at Feb.28,2010. Canada was in the first place who had 26 medals in total.