Canadian Event Timeline

  • Battle of Queenston Heights

    Battle of Queenston Heights
    Gen Isaac Brock and 200 soldiers defeated a much larger American force at Queenston Heights.
  • Fur Empires Merge

    Fur Empires Merge
    The Hudsons Bay Company and the North West Company merge together into one company.
  • Welland Canal Opened

    Welland Canal Opened
    Welland Canal opens, linking lake Erie and lake Ontario for the first time.
  • Cholera Epidemic

    Cholera Epidemic
    A disease that killed up to 10% of the population.
  • First Railways open in Canada

    First Railways open in Canada
    Canada's first railway, the Champlain and St Lawrence Railroad officially opened.
  • Insurrection in Lower Canada

    Insurrection in Lower Canada
    Governor Gosford issued warrants for the arrest of 26 Patriote leaders on charges of high treason, initiating the events of the Lower Canada Rebellion. It lead to another battle.
  • Rebellion in Upper Canada

    Rebellion in Upper Canada
    William Lyon Mackenzie led a rag-tag contingent of 800 men down Yonge Street toward Toronto. Government loyalists dispersed the rebels with a few shots, ending Mackenzie's erratic attempt to overthrow the colonial government
  • Durham report submitted

    Durham report submitted
    Lord Durham submitted his Report on the Affairs of British North America following his trip to Canada after the Rebellions.
  • The Charlottetown Conference

    The Charlottetown Conference
    The Charlottetown Conference was held in Charlottetown, PEI. At the conference Maritime union was virtually dropped, and the delegates agreed to meet a new conference in Québec to discuss a Canadian scheme for a union of all the colonies.
  • British North America Act

    British North America Act
    The British North America Act was passed by the British Parliament and given royal assent by Queen Victoria on March 29.