Canada's Role in the Cold War by Robert and Claire

  • Quebec's Padlock Law

    Quebec's Padlock Law
    The Quebec government introduced an act to protect the province aganist communist propaganda. It was called the Padlock act which gave police autthority to close down meeting places suspected of promoting commuism. It gave the Attorney General widespread power to persecute any communists people including Jehovah's witnesses, Jews, and other groups that are suspected of commuism. Thsi affected Canada because how this was unright to the people casting a dark shadow on Canada.
  • Period: to

    Canada and the ColdWar Era

    Canada has a role in the cold war in this time period
  • Spies in Canada: Gouzenko Affair

    Spies in Canada: Gouzenko Affair
    Igor Gouzenko was born in the Soviet Union and was assigned to the Soviet Embassy in 1943. He learned that a soviet intelligence was spying on Canada and the US for information on the atomic bomb. When getting sent back to Soviet Union in 1945 he offered Canada secret documents on the Soviet spies. This affected Canada because it gave Canada the knowledge of the spies and it stopped the Soviet Union from having a huge advantage.
  • Berlin Blockade

    Berlin Blockade
    The soviet union broke an agreement with its former allies (Canada, Britian, France, USA) the agreement being no interfernece from either side in their own affairs. The Soviet Union attempted to force the allies to give up their side of Berlin and they tried to starve them by stopping supplies. It failed and supplies were dropped in by the allies. The allies and the Soviet Union's tension rose massively. This affected Canada because it meant Canada could get inlvoved in another war.
  • International Allies: NATO

    International Allies: NATO
    The Soviet Union started to spread the communist system farther into Europe. The allies became concerned about national security. Several nations at this time formed the North Atlantic Treaty Organization or NATO that said all members are pledged to protect each other from enemy attacks. The main member were Canada, USA, Britain and France plus other Eastern European countries. This affected Canada because it helped us become more united with other countries and it helped us become strong.
  • Cold War Leadership: Louis St.Laurent

    Cold War Leadership: Louis St.Laurent
    Louis St.Laurent was the libreal leader that William Lyon Machenzie King strongly supported. Louis resembled a favourite relative and people called him "Uncle Louis". Louis became the prime minister in1949 doing great things for Canada, bringing Newfoundland into Conderation and building the St Lawrence Seaway. The Seaway conected the great lakes to the Atlantic Ocean. At this time Canada grew and prospered and the US invested heavily in Canada. This gave Canada a better economy and waterway.
  • "The Forgotten War" The Korean War

    "The Forgotten War" The Korean War
    Communist country North Korea supported by communist China decided to attack South Korea. The US supported South Korea aganist the communist. The UN told members to help South Korea and only 16 helped. 25000 Canadians went and fought but 1000 were injured and 406 killed before the truce 3 years later in 1953. Candian troops stayed anothe 2 years to mantian the truce. This affected Canada because it helped us with our leadership role and it showed we can be a strong ally. But we also lost 406 men
  • DEW

    DEW or Distant Early Warning, a high power radar line, was able to pick up approaching enemy aircraft and missiles from 4800 km away. If something was detected, NORAD was called so they would be able to Defend Canada and US from any dangerous military machines. This helped put Canada to safety.
  • UN Peacekeeping The Suez Crisis

    UN Peacekeeping The Suez Crisis
    The Suez Canal was one of the most important canals to france and Britian, it was a quick way to get supply and monitor water ways. The Egyptian government took control of it at this time. Britian and France didn't have confidence in Egypt so they went in and took control. This was wrong to Egypt and this was on the verge of a international crisis. Lestor. B. Person was Canada's forgien affair minister and P.M. He created the idea to withdraw ally forces and put in UN peace keepers.
  • Lestor.B.Pearson and the Nobel Peace Prize

    Lestor.B.Pearson and the Nobel Peace Prize
    Lester.B. Pearson for coming up with the solution with the Suez Crisis won the Nobel Peace prize in 1957. This gave pride and honor to Canada because of this great award. Also for the solution of the Suez Crisis, this affected us because countries could now become more realient on us.
  • Sputnik

    Launch of SputnikThe 'Sputnik' was a satellite launches by the Soviets. The rocket that is supposed to be put Sputnik into orbit was capable of delivering nuclear war heads (Nuclear Bombs). America was worried of potential bombing and in return, built long-range missiles. Many countries felt they had to put a satellite in space therefore Canada launched Alouette.
  • Quebec's Padlock Law Lifted

    Quebec's Padlock Law Lifted
    Becasue of this unright law it was lifted becasue it was illeagl under criminal law.

    NORAD or North America Air Defence, was created so Canada and US would defend each other. When an unidentified object is found, NORAD headquarters are alerted because the headquarters control all defensive and offensive weapons. Canada was now protected and Canada was able to protect.
  • Cold War Leadership: Diefenbaker

    Cold War Leadership: Diefenbaker
    Prime Minister, John Diefenbaker, wanted to create the Avro Arrow, a mechanically advanced fighter jet. As it was unsuccessful, he made the decision to replace it, making a new military machine, The American Bomarc Missile, for Canada's defense. He promised Canada a bright future with many jobs, although this ended negatively, resulting with an economy decrease and increase in unemployment. Although this, Canada gained a new military machine in the process.
  • Avro Arrow and it's Cancellation

    Avro Arrow and it's Cancellation
    First Flight of The Avro ArrowThe Avro Arrow was a fighter jet, made by Canadians and ordered to be created, and later cancelled, by leader John Diefenbaker. When the plane was scrapped, 14000 jobs were lost and thousands of dollars was put to waste during the building of the jet. Unemployment rapidly decreased. This Arrow affected Canada because it was supposed to show Canadians could create incredible technology, instead it's affect o
  • Cuban Missile Crisis

    Cuban Missile Crisis
    American spies found soviet missile sites in Cuba, these missiles were able to be accurately launched at major cities in North America. The president of U.S.A (John F. Kennedy) proposed to create a blockade around Cuba to stop soviets from bombing. This plan was successful therefore protecting Canada.
  • Diefenbaker (#2)

    Diefenbaker (#2)
    Out of election
  • Canada-Soviet Hockey Series

    Canada-Soviet Hockey Series
    Paul Henderson's Winning GoalTop Russian team and top Canadian team made from NHL players. The game was tied, until Paul Henderson scored winning the game for Canada. This gained Canada a lot of National pride.
  • Vietname War & Draft Dodgers in Canada

    Vietname War & Draft Dodgers in Canada
    Draft Dodgers were young american men who fled the U.S to escape military service during the Vietnam War, many came to Canada. Canada gained more in the population after this.