Canada's Role in the Cold War

  • Quebec's Padlock Law

    Quebec's Padlock Law
    Act instilled in the province of Quecbec to protect itself from communist propeganda
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    Canada's Role in the Cold War

  • Gouzenko Affair

    Gouzenko Affair
    Soviet spy Igor Gouzenko gave the Canadian government information on the USSR spies and nuclear material.
  • Berlin Blockade

    Berlin Blockade
    Europe blocked off supplies to Berlin from the Allies, instead the Allies airlifted supplies into Berlin.
  • NATO

    NATO "North Atlantic Treaty Organization" was put in place to protect countries such as Britian, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, France, Iceland, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Norway, Portugal and United States from a Soviet attack
  • The Korean War

    The Korean War
    North Korea supported by COmmunist China attack South Korea which is supported by the United States. Ends 1953 Canadians send troops to South Korea until 1955
  • The Vietnam War & Draft Dodgers

    The Vietnam War & Draft Dodgers
    Canada did not fight in the Vietnam War but they allow conscripted US men into Canada, so they would not have to go to war. Ends 30 April, 1975
  • UN Peacekeeping

    UN Peacekeeping
    Isreal, France and Britian attack Egypt so they could maintain power over the Suez Canal. Resolved by Canada's secretary of state for external affairs.
  • Sputnik Satellite

    Sputnik Satellite
    Soviets launched the Sputnik Satellite, the satellite could also be used to bomb anywhere in North America. U.S is scared of being bombed so they block the main missile making for USSR in Cuba and materials never make it.
  • Avro Arrow

    Avro Arrow
    Avro Arrow was a supersonic jet aircraft was cancelled because Canadians did not want American missiles on thier land.
  • NORAD and DEW Lines

    NORAD and DEW Lines
    NORAD "North American Air Defense" was an agreement between Canada and the United States to help defend each other in case of an air attack. Americans built DEW Lines "Distant Early Warning" in North West Territories.
  • John Diefenbaker

    John Diefenbaker
    John Diefenbaker proposes to bring Bomarc missiles and nuclear warheads to Canada but they were not allowed into Canada, limiting American control of Canadian missiles used.
  • Cuban Missile Crisis

    Cuban Missile Crisis
    Cuba was ready to defend themselves and were armed with nuclear weapons. Canadian Prime Minister, John Diefenbaker, refused to put Canadian troops on alert. Diefenbaker put the troops on alert, but only after the climax of the crises.
  • Canada-Soviet Hockey Series

    Canada-Soviet Hockey Series
    First 4 games help in Canada and the last 4 held in Moscow. Canada scored the final goal in the last game. This showed great nationalism from both countries.
  • The Fall of the Soviet Union

    The Fall of the Soviet Union
    Soviet Union fell because they were bankrupted by the Arms Race and was not liked by its own people. Officially ended on 26 Decenber, 1991
  • The Fall of the Berlin Wall

    The Fall of the Berlin Wall
    The Soviet Union collapsed and so East and West Germany took down the Berlin Wall. Symbolizing the end of the Cold War.