Canada's External Relations

By MarielM
  • National Policy

    This policy allowed a tariff protection for Canadian manufacturers, and was enforced on March 14, 1879
  • Klondike Gold Rush

    Bringing hoards of miners into the interior of the Yukon territory, the Klondike Gold Rush began the mineral discoveries of the barren regions of northern Canada
  • Department of Foreign Affairs and National Trade

    Founded in 1909, this organization developed passports for Canadians travelling out of the country, and also managed business with the US
  • International Joint Commission

    Known as the oldest government organization between Canada and the United States,
  • World War I

    Beginning in July of 1914, World War I was considered one of the first events that allowed 'brought Canada together' as a team and community. Also, Canada's victories during the war created foreign respect for the young country
  • Treaty of Versailles

    This term, referring to the peace treaty presented to Germany after the WWI, was the official ending of foreign fighting against Germany. Signed in Paris, also created peace between Germany and almost all of the 32 allied and associated nations; including the United Kingdom, France, Italy and Japan.
  • League of Nations

    Marking Canada's first official contact with international governments, the League of Nations eventually evolved into the United Nations
  • Permanent Joint Board on Defense

    This organization, between Canada and the United States, allowed the two government to create a stronger military bond through constant communication. The organization was formed due to the continuation of WWII
  • United Nations

    Initially beginning in 1945, the United Nations greatly interested the government of Canada, which joined the year the organization began
  • General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade

    Developed around the time of WWII between the allied countries involved in the war in order to ensure that all citizens did not suffer from a lack of product. The agreement was signed on October 20, 1947 it came into force January 1, 1948.

    The North American Air Defense Agreement was the initial combining of the Canadian and US air forces, further creating a strong relationship between the two countries.
  • Canada-US Automotive Products Agreement

    This term refers to the free-trade agreement signed between Canada and the US in January of 1965 that allows free trade between motor-vehicle manufacturers
  • Foreign Investment Review Agency

    Formed in 1973, this organization was formed in order to keep foreign investment within Canada under control, due to the steady increase in international interest in Canadian resources
  • Constitution Act

    This Act replaced the British North American Act as the basic governing document of Canada, once it was approved and signed by Queen Elizabeth the II.

    Becoming law on January 1, 2011, the NAFTA, an agreement between Canada, the US, and Mexico, enabled these three countries to share and access each other's products with a reduced or eliminated tariff