Canada's Defining Moment in Canadian history

By etuyen
  • Canada Joins the War

    Canada Joins the War
    Snice Canada was not fully Independent and because britian still controlled their foreign policy. It meant that if britian declears war, Canada would have to go to war too. In 1914 Britian decleared war on the Axis which meant Canada was at war also.
  • Second Battle of the Ypres

    Second Battle of the Ypres
    Canadian troops were told to help France and Britian troops near Ypres and Belgium. This battel cause 6000 Canadian lives and Canada proved that they were able to complete thier given task.
  • The Military Service Act

    Borden the Canadian Prime Minister decided to go with The Military Service Act was passed which was conscription beacuse there was a lack of troops volunteering to go to War they are being forced to go to war.
  • The Halifax Explosion

    The Halifax Explosion
    Halifax, Nova scotia where they supply war supplies were being shipped to Europe. On December 6th 1927 two ships which were Mont Blanc and Imo collided. This explosion caused 2000 lives and 8000 injured and rest left homeless.
  • The Winnipeg Generral Strike

    The Winnipeg Generral Strike
    This Strike was caused by when Metal and Building trade wanted to be reconized but there was a recession so no one cared.
  • Treaty Of Versailles

    Canada made a huge contribution to WW1. About 66000 Canadians (mostly younger ) had died from war. The war finally ended when the allies and Germany had a peace agreement which Germany would take blame for starting the War.
  • The famous Five (Alberta Five)

    The famous five are 5 women who where Emily Murphy, Nellie McClung, Louise McKinney, Nuir Edwards, and Irene Parlby got together to help earn Womens rights.
  • The Great Depression

    Canada spent 10 years of econmic crash. Many lost jobs, businesses failded, difficult working work condition and very tough at work. This causeed many people not able to support their families. During this depression there was also a drought and grasshopper in Prairies which was a very tough time for farmers.
  • The Stock Market Crash (Black Thursday)

    The Stock Market Crash (Black Thursday)
    Wheat prices has gone to a high limit. Where everyone wanted to sell thier Wheat but not many wanted to buy. Alot of money peoples money were lost by selling wheat.
  • The Five Cent Speech

    The Five Cent Speech
    William Lyon Mackenzie King did "the five cent speech" during the federal election saying that he wouldnt help people go throw the depresstion which angerd many people and used that to go against him during election.
  • World War 2 begins

    World War 2 begins
    Canada did not follow Britian into war like world war 1 beacuse the decleared to go to war Independently against Germans.
  • The Battle of Britian

    The Battle of Britian
    Canadian's played an important role during this battle. Canadian's help Royal Air Force to hold off the Germans beause the Germans wanted to destroy the RAF. Canadians also showed and proved that they have good accuracy for thier bombing and also for returing home safely.
  • The Japanese Canadians

    During this time all Japanese male Canadians from the age of 18 -45 were gathered all together and shipped to camp at the interior of British Columbia because they surrenderd and were force into Japanese Labour camp. Later the rest of the Japanese Canadians were sent the hard labour camp.
  • The Battle Of Dieppe

    The Battle Of Dieppe
    This battle gave Canadians a very hard time due to their terrible loss in Seaport Diappe,France. This battle was based to gather information about the germen troops and to test new equipment and stratagies. 900 out of 5000 troops were killed, 500 or more were wounded, and aobut 2000 where taken to jail. This was a failed battle beacuse it was poorly planned.
  • D-Day

    Canada had a mayjor role in D-Day, Canada sent 14,000 soldiers to land on the beaches then sent 450 soldiers behind enemy by parachute. Canada alos had The Royal Canadian Navy supply ships and about 10,000 sailors. One of the reason they were sucessful was beacuse of Canada's help.
  • North Atlantic Treaty (NATO)

    North Atlantic Treaty (NATO)
    North America and Western Europe created the organization called NATO. Canada was one of the founding memberof this organization. This organization was created to protect themselves from teh solviet military threat. Canada suggested that NATO would inclued clause calling for political, economic, socail and cultural co-operation. This would help create more friendly relationship with other NATO countries.
  • Canada in Vietnam War

    Canada's opinion was divided snice the goverment did not support the American actions, they sent Canadian aid to south Vietnam but not north Vietnam. Canada also provided weapons Which help the Canadian econmomy.
  • The October Crisis

    The October Crisis
    The October Crisis was accured beacuse Quebec wanted to be separated from Canada. FLQ was a group to help Quebec achive thier independence by terrorism. FLQ group had bombing attempts which started the October Crisis.
  • Opening of CN Tower aka. Canadian National Tower

    Opening of CN Tower aka. Canadian National Tower
    CN tower is a communication tower built in Downtown Toronto, Ontario Canada. It's well known for Standing 553.33m tall and for about 34 year known to be the tallest standing tower in the world.
  • Terry Fox Walk

    Terry Fox Walk
    Terry Fox was known for raising awarness for cancer by walking and walking across Canada without a leg to raise money for cancer research. Due to his spread of cancer he ended his jorney on his 143 days and 5,373 kilometers of running. Snice then everyear, 60 countries held thier anual terry fox walk to raise money for cancer research.
  • The First Canadian Astronauts

    The First Canadian Astronauts
    Marc Garneau was known to be the first Canadian in space when he joined the crew of shuttle challenge. His first challenge was to test out the camera that canada the devolped. Snice his first trip to the space he got another chance to go to space again and had 677 hours in space.
  • The Oka Crisis

    The Oka Crisis
    This was caused when the Mohawks on Kanesatake reserve. They camps near the woods to stop Quebec plans of expanding a golf course on the mohawks land that they claimed. It was a very violent battle snice gun shots were fired and polices has been killed.
  • The Somalia Affair

    This event was caused when goverment of Somalia had collapsed and civil war had started. Canadians role in this event was 900 Canadians peacekeeper was sent to somalia. This caused controversy when a Canadian soldier tortured a 16 yr old boy when he was caught steeling supplies.Then many questioned Canada's reputation for peacekeeping.
  • Crosby Olympic OT Goal

    Crosby Olympic OT Goal
    Snice Hcokey is known to be a Canadian sport, druing the last day of the 2010 Vancouver Olympics almost everyone in Canada tuned in to see the gold medal men's hockey game agianst USA. . About 60% of Canada population witness Sidney Crosby score the game winning goal against the USA and bringing them to win the Gold Medal.
  • Osama Bin Laden Killed

    Osama Bin Laden Killed
    Snice 9/11 had happened, U.S troops and many Canadians troops has been sent to afghanistanto hunt for Bin Laden trying to get revenge. On May 2 2011 Bin Laden was killed which is good news to Canadians troops knowing that they have done their duty.