Canadaian History Timeline

By fisher4
  • Battle Of Ypres

    Battle Of Ypres
    Who: Germany
    What: Battle Of Ypres
    Where: Ypres, Belguim
    When:October 19,1914 to November 22
    Why: Trying to gain back there land
    Significant event: It was the First battle to use gas chambers. Some people would pee on clothes and put them over there faces to protect them selves from the gas.
    If this event didn`t happen Canada would never of learned how to fight against gas.
  • Vimy Ridge

    Vimy Ridge
    Who: German , Canada and United Kingdom
    What: Germans just keep sending soldiers over threw barbed wire and to take over Vimy
    Where: Vimy, France
    When: April 9 - 12 1917
    Why:Because the Allied Troops needed the strategically placed ridge in order to win the war.
    Significant Event: it is a big part of our heritage and we became once again stronger as an independant country.
    If this event never happened Canada would not be as strong as we could be and we would not have the memorial we do.
  • Conscription Crisis

    Conscription Crisis
    Who: Canada
    What: Consription Crisis
    Where: All over Canada
    When: May 17, 1917
    Why: Quebec didn`t want to drafted
    Significant Event: An anti-conscription parade in Montreal. The goverment didn't force people to go to war, If this event never happened Canada wouldn't have soldiers.
  • Passchendaele

    Who: Germans and Canadians and the British a little
    What: Allied powers caputered 5 to 8 miles of land and then German got it back.
    Where: Belguim, Passchendaele
    When: July 31, 1917
    Why: Trying to gain back land and push the Germans back.
    Significant Event: Passchendaele was also called the third battle of Ypres. Soldiers that fought in it was known as the "battle of mud".
    If this event never happened Canada would not of lost as many men.
  • Black Tuesday

    Black Tuesday
    Who: United States
    What: Black Tuesday is one of the three days used to describe the collapse of stock values.
    Where: Wall Street Crash
    When: October 24 , 1929
    Why: All there stock market went down. And they tryed to get it back.
    Significant Event: It took up to 12 years to get all there markets back and money.
    If this event never happened they woudln't of lost there markets.
  • Dieppe Raid

    Dieppe Raid
    Who: German
    What: The Canadians launched a attack on Germany on the northern coast of france.Where: On the northern coast of france. In Dieppe
    Where: Dieppe, France
    When: August 19th, 1942
    Why: To take over France coast and push forwards more deep into france and make germany surrender.
    Significant Event: Because the Canadians did all the work to make the invasion successful.
  • D-Day

    Who: Canadians
    What: They were assigned to raid Juno beach and Normanby
    Where: Normanby, France
    When: June 6, 1944
    Why: Trying to push the lines of the Germans to the back so they could win.
    Significant Event: We over powerd the Germans we made them sign the treaty of rasi, we made them give up alot of land. If this event never happend we would of never got the name D-Day.
  • Atomic Bomb

    Atomic Bomb
    Who:The atomic bomb was dropped in Japan, and were dropped by the Americans
    What: The americans dropped two atomic bombs on japan because of the Peral habour Raide.
    Where: Japen
    When: June 16, 1945
    Why: The americans dropped the bombs because of the Pearl Harbour Raide.
    Significant Event: This is significant to canada because when the Japanese surrendered to the allied powers that was not only to america, but to canada and britian also.
  • Montreal Riot

    Montreal Riot
    Who: people of Montreal
    What: Riot over Maurice Richard being suspended.
    Where: Montreal
    When:March 17th 1955
    Why:Because Richard accidently punched a ref in a hockey fight and was suspeneded for the remainder of the season and playoffs.
    Significant Event: Its the only roit in Montreal.
    If this event never happened Montreal would still have some of the building they use to have.
  • Suez Crisis

    Suez Crisis
    Who: France and Britain
    What: Egypt closed the Suez Canal
    Where: Gaza Strip and Suez Canal zone
    When: October 29, to novemeber 6 1956
    Why: In retaliation of Isreal war
    Significant Event: It shut down International shipping
    If this event never happened we wouldn't be known has the
    peace keeping.