Canada & WWII

  • Germany Invades Poland

    Germany wanted power and when they saw the Polish a not so strong opponent they invaded.
  • Britain & France Declares War on Germany

    Britain & France honors their promise to poland and declare War on Germany in order to protect and defend Poland.
  • Period: to

    The Phoney War

    Both sides just stopped fighting for almost a year gathering resources and training soilders.
  • Canada declares War on Germany

    Canada joins the war this time a week after the british proving that they were an independent nation.
  • Canada holds BCATP

    British Commonwealth Air Training Program!
  • Germany Attacks Denmark & Norway

    Germany uses it new teqnique of fighting to attack and take yet another two nations. Blitzkreig was the teqnique and it means "Lightening war"
  • Germany invades Netherlands

  • Allies retreat from Dunkirk

    the allies needed to retreat from dunkirk and barely made it 350 000 soilders were rescued thousands more than originally expected!
  • France Surrenders to Germany

    France did not want anymore of its people to die so they surrendered to the Germans
  • Germans Introduce Operation Sea lion

    Operation Sea Lion is a full operation focused on overtaking germany
  • Germans Start Bombing Britain

    targeting ports and anything to weaken their navy
  • Hitler stopped fighting britain

    he decided it had been enough and stopped after a whole year of fighting
  • Germany invades USSR

    after quiting on Britain he turns his attension to USSR
  • Japanese planes bombed naval base

  • Russia Pushes Back

    many German soilders die becouse they were ill equipped for the cold winter.
  • United States Enters War

    United States enters war in order to
  • Dieppe

    A joint British and Canadian command raid Dieppe.But lose element of surprise and suffer terrible loses!
  • Canada participates in invasion of Sicily

  • D-Day

    A full scale invasion of nothern Europe by allies
  • Allied Forces Attack Germany

    Britain and France from one side and USSR from he other.
  • German Forces in Britain Defiated

    Canada defeated the Germans and Helped the Netherlands
  • Germany surrenders to allies

    After Hitler andhis Wife commited suicide in Berlin!