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  • The Battle of the Plains of Abraham

    Also known as the Battle of Quebec, the Battle of the Plains of Abraham was a huge event in the history of Canada. A British invasion defeated French and lead to the surrender of Quebec to the British. The French never recaptured Quebec and at the end of the war France surrendered Canada to the British.
  • War of 1812

    The War of 1812 was fought between America and Britain. Because Canada is allied to Britain, the war was fought in many parts of Canada. The war contributed to a sense of identity for Canada, mostly because civilian soldiers were the main force in repelling the American invaders.
  • Rebellions of Upper and Lower Canada

    The Lower Canada rebellion was much more violent than teh Upper Rebellion, but both helped to start the Union Act which united the two sides of Canada at the time.
  • Confederation

    In 1864,the Fathers of Confederation negotiated the terms of Confederation at conferences which resulted in the British North America Act, Canada’s Constitution.
  • BC, Manitoba and PEI become Provinces

    In the 1870s, Canada was quickly expanding. Three new provinces were formed within the first few years.
  • The North-West Rebellion

    A series of rebellions and battles that encouraged the reinforcement of Canadian Laws.
  • Alberta and Saskatchewan become Provinces

    Canada only has 11 Provinces, so the adding of new provinces/land is a big deal.
  • World War 1

    World War 1 took the lives of over 60,000 lives and helped unite our country and lead to a great sense of national pride. During the war, Canada relied heavily on natural resources, trading and loans.
  • The Battle of Vimy Ridge April 9, 1917

    The Battle of Vimy Ridge is Canada's most celebrated military accomplishment due to the fact that during this battle she proved to other nations her strength, honor and value.
  • Women's Suffrage in Canada

    Allowing women to vote was a huge deal because with this new law, half/double more people are voting and giving their opinions. A new group of people are determining the future of the country. By 1922, all women, white and black could vote in all provinces.