Canada in the 1920's & 1930s

By Shemara
  • The Discovery of Insulin

    The Discovery of Insulin
    Charles Best and Dr. Fredrick announced the discovery of Insulin to cure diabetes. This was significant to Canada because this was one of the biggest discoveries in medicine. Millions of people suffering from diabetes were treated.
  • The Chanak Crisis

    The Chanak Crisis
    During the Chanak crisis the government refused to support the British troops in defending the Turkish port of Chanak. This was the first time the Canadian Government did not support the British military.
  • The Chinese Immagration Act

    The Chinese Immagration Act
    In 1923 , The government introduced a Chinese immigration act known as the Chinese exclusion act. This was made to stop Chinese immigration. This was significant because all Chinese people living in Canada or who were born there had to pay fines or be deported.
  • The Balfour Report

    The Balfour Report
    The Balfour report was the conclusion of the Imperial Conference. That acknowledged Canada as an autonomous community within the British Empire.
  • The Persons Case

    The Persons Case
    The persons case was a decision made by the Supreme Court of Canada that women were not « persons » who could hold public office as Canadian senators. In 1929 the British Privy council changed the decision made.
  • Statue of Westminister Passes

    Statue of Westminister Passes
    The statute of Westminster was passed from the British parliament and established legislative equality between Britain and Canada. This was significant because it was the closest canada has come to declaration of independence.
  • CCF Founded

    CCF Founded
    The CCF was founded in Calgary by J.S Woodsworth. This was the first major democratic socialist movement in canada. This was significant because it had a profound effect on the canada politic side.
  • Dionne Quintuplets were born

    Dionne Quintuplets were born
    The Dionne Quintuplets were born, Annette, Emilie, Yvonne, Cecile and Marie. They were a worldwide attention. This was significant because they were the only quintuplets to survive for more than a few days
  • Liberals Won Election

    Liberals Won Election
    In the federal election, the Liberals won by a landslide majority, There were 171 seats to the Conservatives' 39. The CCF won 7 seats and the Social. This was significant because it lead to the king becoming prime minister for the third time.
  • National Film Board Created

    National Film Board Created
    The National Film Board was created by Scots film producer John Grierson. The NFB developed animations, documentary drama and direct cinema. This was significant because it won hundreds of international awards