Canada and the Cold War Era

  • Quebecs Padlock Law

    Quebecs Padlock Law
    The Padlock Law was officially called "Act to Protect the Province Against Communistic Propaganda". It was passed by the Union Nationale Government of Maurice Duplessis. It prohibited anyone to use a house, or allow another to use of it to propagate Communism or Bolshevism.
  • Spies in Canada: Gouzenko Affair

    Spies in Canada: Gouzenko Affair
    Igor Gouzenko, a member of the Soviet Embassy, was a Soviet Spy whos greatest accomplishment was stealing the secrets of the atomic bomb. After he learned that he and his family were about to be sent back to Russia, he began to defect Canada.
  • Cold War Leadership: Louis St. Laurent

    Cold War Leadership: Louis St. Laurent
    Laurent was elected into the House of Commons in February, 1942. He was William Lyon Mackenzie King's Secretary of State for External Affairs.
  • Berlin Blockade

    Berlin Blockade
    As a result of the Soviet Union breaking an agreement with its former allies, an attempt was made to physically block all of the supply lines that headed for West Berlin. All this accomplished was it created even more tenions between the Soviet Union and its former allies.
  • International Alliances : NATO

    International Alliances : NATO
    The "North Atlantic Treaty Organization" consisted of Belgium, Britain, Canada, Denmark, France, Iceland, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, and the United States. All of these countries are pledged to protect one another from enemy attacks. Several other countries have joined NATO since 1949.
  • "The Forgotten War" - The Korean War

    "The Forgotten War" - The Korean War
    KOREAN WARThe Korean war was a result of an attack on South Korea, by their neighbors, North Korea. A cease fire for the war was signed on July 27, 1953.
  • Korean War Cease Fire

    Korean War Cease Fire
    See Korean War.
  • Distance Early Warning System: DEW

    Distance Early Warning System: DEW
    DEW System-the "DEW Line" was a radar system that detected enemy aircrafts and missiles
    -Canada allowed US to build defencec installations in the Northwest Territories
    -Canadians had mixed emotions
    -government recieved criticism from some Canadians for
    putting our defensive plan in US hands after years of

    -some found comfort in the untied deterrence against the
  • UN Peacekeeping - The Suez Crisis

    UN Peacekeeping - The Suez Crisis
    On this date, the Egyptian president Nasser, took over the Anglo-French Suez Canal Company. This company had operated the canal since 1869. Israel and Egypt were both asked to withdraw from the calan, but since they decided not to, Britain and France bombed the canal area on October 31, 1956,
  • Britain And France Bombed the Suez Canal

    Britain And France Bombed the Suez Canal
    See Suez Crisis
  • Cold War Leader: Diefenbaker Elected

    Cold War Leader: Diefenbaker Elected
    Famous Speeches-was a part of the Conservative party
    -cut taxes, helped western farmers, raised senior pensions
    -passed Canadian Bill of Rights (1960)
    -was considered an excellent public speaker
  • Sputnik

    -was a satellite created by the Soviets
    -US worried because the rocket that put Sputnik in orbit was capable of sending nuclear warheads into North America
    -US responded by building long-range missiles, the Soviets did the same
  • Lester B. Pearson Wins Nobel Peace Prize

    Lester B. Pearson Wins Nobel Peace Prize
    On this day, a cable bearing this great news was sent from Oslo, to Lester B. Pearson. It was originally sent to the wrong house. Pearson received this award for his efforts to bringing peace in Egypy following the Suez Crisis. It also honors his creation of the United Nations Emergency Force. (UNEF)
  • The Avro Arrow

    The Avro Arrow
    First Flight of the Avro Arrow-Canadian develpoed and built fighter jet
    -considered to be an advanced technical and aerodynamic achievement for Canada
    -intened to serve in the Royal Canadian Air Force
  • Continental Alliances: NORAD

    Continental Alliances: NORAD
    -also known as "The North American Air Defence"
    -the agreement was signed in 1958
    -terms of the agreement meant that Canada and US would defend eachother
  • Cancellation of the Avro Arrow

    Cancellation of the Avro Arrow
    -was cancelled because of it's huge cost
    -cost Canadians 14 000 jobs
    -was replaced by American Bomarc Missiles
  • Cuban Missile Crisis

    Cuban Missile Crisis
    Crisis Documentary-American spy plane discovers the Soviets are constructing missiles in Cuba
    -US President Kennedy responds by creating a naval blockade around the island to stop Soviet delivery ships
    -Although they were allies of the US, Canada did not believe that the blockade would be helpful
    -Canadains thought that examining all suspected missile

    bases would be more helpful
    -the blockade remained
  • Cuban Missile Crisis Ends

    Cuban Missile Crisis Ends
  • Cold War Leader: Diefenbaker succeeded

    Cold War Leader: Diefenbaker succeeded
  • Vietnem War and the Draft-Dodgers

    Vietnem War and the Draft-Dodgers
    -Americans elect Richard Nixon as president because of his promise to end Americans fighting in Vietnam
    -during this time Canada was home to many young Americans refusing to fight in Vietnem
    -men fled to Canada to avoid being drafted
    -were called "Draft Dodgers"
    -Canada had mixed emotions on these men
    -some thought they were heros
    -some thought they should be treated like criminals
    -many of these men became citizens of Canada
  • Canadian-Soviet Hockey Series

    Canadian-Soviet Hockey Series
    Game 8: Canadian Victory-series was between Team Canada, made of NHLers, and Soviet team, made of olympic amatuers
    -series was split three wins for each team
    -in the final game Paul Henderson scores winning goal, giving Canada the series winners
    -gave Canada national pride