Canada 1945-1982

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  • Cold War

    Cold War
    Conflict between the USA and USSR that lasted until the 1990s. It was about comunism,where USA tried stopping it from spreading while the USSR helped speard it. It was never a physical war, although they were often very close to war.
    (History textBook)
  • Human Rights

    Human Rights
    The UN took a leading role in the cause of human rights. Also a Canadian lawyer, John Humphrey, set up a Human Rights division of the UN Secretariate. With the help of other people he wrote the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
    (History TextBook)
  • Palestine Israel conflict

    Palestine Israel conflict
    Isreal seized into palestine in 1948. Thay were looking for a new 'home' after the Hitler crisis.
    (Book: Married to Another Man)
  • Colombo Plan

    Colombo Plan
    Canada helped develope the Colombo Plan. It was set up to give technical and financial support to developing countries in Asia.
    ( History TextBook)
  • Korean War 1950-1953

    Korean War 1950-1953
    The Korean war was based on comunism. Where the North part was ocuppied by the soviets who established a comunist government, while the USA occupied the South Korea. The 38°N parallel was the border. Meanwhile the UN was trying to reunite both sideswith no success.
    (History TextBook)
  • Suez Crisis

    Suez Crisis
    Egypt's President Nasser, decided to take over the Suez Canal form the British and French. The Canal was the essntial trade trade route to the east.
    (History TextBook)
  • FLQ

    FLQ was a radical group with no leader. Their idea was to use terrorism as a weapon to gain independence for Quebec.
    (History TextBook)
  • Auto Pact

    Auto Pact
    Canada signed an agreement that boosted their trade in 1965. The Auto Pact allowed freetrade in Automobiles between Canada and the USA.
    (history textbook)
  • Multiculturalism and Canada

    Multiculturalism and Canada
    Many communities had wanted full recognition as a Canadian, while keeping their individual cultural identities, In 1971 Canada became the First country to adopt multiculturalism as an official govrnment policy
    (history text book).
  • Kurds vs Iraqi government War

    Kurds vs Iraqi government War
    The 1974 war was the kurdish attempt to establish ' Kurdistan' in Northern Iraq.
  • Canada's Immigration Act

    Canada's Immigration Act
    The Immigration Act 3 main objectives. First was to bring people who would "promote the domestic and international needs of Canada. The second was to runite families who had been seperated. And the third was to accept " the displaced and the persecuted" for humanitarian reasons.
    (history textbook)
  • Turkish vs PKK

    Turkish vs PKK
    PKK sought to encourage communist revelutions in Turkey. They used terrorist tactics to bring about a nation wide revolution.
  • Saddam Hussein

    Saddam Hussein
    He imposed his authority through terror to control all three sides of Iraq, the kurds in the north, sunni in the centre and shi'a in the South. After all the terror my parents had experienced they were forced to leave Iraq and go to Turkey.
  • Iraq vs Iran War

    Iraq vs Iran War
    After Iran tried assassinatingt he Iraqi Foreign Minister Tariq Aziz on April 1,1980. Saddam's response was to exeute on of the shiite cleric who led a regime. Then a war broke out. Between June and September 1980,193 clashes occured around the Iran-Iraq border. During the time my Parents were running away from iraq and had to go through Iran to get to Turkey.
  • Conscription in Iraq

    Conscription in Iraq
    Males that were 18 years and older and healthy were forced to go to war. My father and uncles' names were put down for war.