By roc.190
  • Oct 24, 1497

    italian born navigator John Cabot reaches the coasts of newfoundland and Capse Breton

  • Period: Oct 24, 1497 to


  • Oct 24, 1534

    Jacue Cartier explores the Saint Lawrence River, claiming the area for France

  • Newfoundland becomes England's firsr overseas colony

  • Londan traders establish Hudson's Bay Company

  • The Treaty of Paris gives England control of France's territory in North America

  • Refugees from the American Revoluitionary War who are loyal to the British move north present day canada

  • war of 1812: american invasion of area around the great lakes and the canadian frontier

  • oregan treaty between the united states and canada sets the new border at the 49th parallel

  • dominion of canada is formed and self-government was granted

  • gold rush takes place along the upper yukon river

  • canada fights on the side of the british and french in world war 1

  • canadian great depression

  • canadian forces join the allied powers in world war 2

  • world war 2 ends

  • u.s. spacecraft apollo 11 lands on the moon with canadian-buillt landing gear

  • u.s./canada free trade agreement

  • canada sends troops and supplies to aid u.s. in the persian gulf

  • hte north america free trade agreement (NAFTA) comes into effect, linking canada, the united states and mexico in the new economic partnership

  • canada decides not to be part of the military coalition led by the united states states agianst iraq