• Period: Jan 1, 1497 to

    Canadian Historic Events

  • Oct 24, 1497

    1497 Italian born navigator John Cabot reaches the coast of Newfoundland and Cape Breton

  • Oct 24, 1534

    1534 Jacque Cartier explores the Saint Lawrence River, claiming the area for France

  • 1583 Newfoundland becomes England's first overseas colony

  • London traders establish Hudson's Bay Company

  • 1763The treaty of Paris gives England control of France's territory in North America

  • 1776 Refugees from the American Revolutionary War who are loyal to the British move north present day Canada

  • 1812 War of 1812: American invasion of area around the Great Lakes and the Canadian frontier

  • Oregon Treaty between the United States and Canada sets the new border at the 49th parallel

  • 1867 Dominion of Canada is formed and self-government was granted

  • 1898 Gold Rush takes place along the Upper Yukon River

  • 1914 Canada flights on the side of the British and French in World War I

  • 1939 Canadian Great Depression and Canadian forces join the Allied Powers in the World War II

  • 1945 World War II Ends

  • 1969 U.S. spacecraft Apollo 11 land on the moon with built landing gear.

  • 1989 U.S./ Canada Free Trade Agreement

  • 1991 Canada sends troops and supplies to aid U.S. in the Persian Gulf

  • 1994 The North America Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) comes into effect, linking Canada, the United States and Mexico in a ne econamic partnership

  • 2003 Canada decides not to be a part of the military coalition led by the United States against Iraq

  • Period: to

    Canadian Historic Events