By Tyliks
  • First Camera

    First Camera
    It was a simple handheld box camera containing a 100-exposure roll of film that used paper negatives made by Louis Le Price in Han China.
  • Second Camera

    Second Camera
    The Giroux daguerreotype camera was made by Maison Susse Frères with a lens by Charles Chevalier, the first to be commercially produced.
  • Third Camera

    Third Camera
    The first American patent was issued in photography to Alexander Wolcott for his camera.
  • Fourth Camera

    Fourth Camera
    The panoramic camera was patented by Thomas Sutton.
  • Fifth Camera

    Fifth Camera
    Oliver Wendell Holmes invents stereoscope viewer.
  • Sixth Camera

    Sixth Camera
    George Eastman patents Kodak roll-film camera. Eastman was a pioneer in photographic films usage. He also started manufacturing paper films in 1885. His first �Kodak� box camera was very simple and very cheap.
  • Seventh Camera

    Seventh Camera
    The first mass-marketed camera – the Brownie � was presented by Eastman. It was on sale until the 1960s.
  • Eighth Camera

    Eighth Camera
    The Raisecamera (the travel camera) was invented. Extreme lightweight and small dimensions when it is folded made this photo camera the most desirable thing for landscape photographers.
  • Ninth

    The first 35mm still camera (also called �candid� camera ) was developed by Oskar Barnack of the German Leica Camera. Later it became the standard for all film cameras.
  • Tenth Camera

    Tenth Camera
    Edwin Land invented the Polaroid camera which could take a picture and print it in about one minute was invented by Edwin Land.
  • Eleventh

    First autofocus camera Konica C35 AF by Konica.
  • Twelveth Camera

    Twelveth Camera
    Sony Mavica – The world’s first digital electronic still camera.
  • Thirteenth

    Kodak released the first professional digital camera system (DCS) which was widely used by photojournalists.
  • Fourteenth Camera

    Fourteenth Camera
    The world’s first camera phone.
  • Fifteenth Camera

    Fifteenth Camera
    The canon EOS 5D is launched.