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  • Period: to

    Issac Newton

    discovered white light is composed of white light
  • First Photo

    the first permanent photograph was made in France
  • The daguerreotype

    The daguerreotype was appositive black and white image on a mirror polished, silver plated copper sheet
    within a year of invention this invention was used all over the world.
    although it came to end due to it only being able to make on copy
  • First Patent

    First American patent issued in photography to Alexander Wolcott for his camera.
  • Calotype

    William Henry Fox Talbot introduces the calotype, a further refinement of his negative-to-positive process. The calotype process greatly increased the photographic sensitivity of the negative and reduced the necessary exposure time in the camera to seconds.
  • Medical photography

    The studio of Southworth and Hawes creates daguerreotypes of early operations using ether as an anethesia at Massachusetts General Hospital. Early medical photography included documentation of operations and pathology views.
  • African American Series

    J.T. Zealy takes a series of daguerreotypes of African American slaves for Louis Agassiz
  • Sutton

    Panoramic camera, called the Sutton, is patented
  • Stereoscope Viewer

    Stereoscope Viewer
    Oliver Wendell Holmes invents stereoscope viewer. Allowed journalists to enlarge images
  • Silver Paper

    Silver gelatin paper becomes commercially available
  • Kodak

    Eastman patents Kodak roll-film camera.
  • Celluloid Film

    Celluloid Film
    Reverend Hannibal Goodwin patents celluloid photographic film.
  • Autochrome

    autochrome the first color process, invented in France
  • Picture Postcard

    Picture Postcard
    Pictures of family events sent in cards
  • The Brownie

    The Brownie
    Was a easily boughten for 1.00
  • Period: to


    First 35mm still camera is developed.
  • Flash

    General Electric invents the modern flash bulb.
  • Electric Photography

    Electric Photography
    Chester Carlson receives a patent for electric photography
  • Polaroid

    Edwin Land launches and markets the Polaroid camera.
  • Museum

    The International Museum of Photography opens at the George Eastman House in Rochester, N.Y.
  • Pictorials Movement

    The pictorialist movement flourishes as a photographic style from the late 1860s to the early 1900s.Caroline Haskins Gurrey operated a photographic studio in Honululu and achieved recognition for her pictorialist-style portraits of Hawaii's mixed-race children.
  • First selfie stick

    An early selfie stick. to capture your self portraits
  • Halftones

    Made it possible for images to be put on a page
  • Photography Online

    Photohighway.com started the first photography site on the internet where photos can be uploaded directly from a digital camera.
  • Phones?

    The Camera phone was introduced
  • GoPro

    GoPro, is an American technology company founded in 2002 by Nick Woodman. It manufactures action cameras.
  • Digital Rebel

    Canon launches the Digital Rebel one of the first affordable DSLR’s aimed at the non-professional market.
  • Kodak

    Kodak ceases production of film cameras
  • Iphone

    Steve jobs announces the iPhone
  • CMOS Sensor

    Canon announced the largest CMOS image sensor ever made. The new sensor measures 202mm by 205mm. It is about 40 times the size of full-frame image sensor and is capable of capturing images using 1/100 of the light a normal professional DSLR.
  • Iphone camera improvements

    Apple introduced a forward-facing camera with FaceTime, a 3.5-inch Retina display, and a 5-megapixel camera with LED flash.
  • Modern Selfie stick

    Wayne Fromm, a Canadian inventor who considers himself the father of the modern selfie stick. Could be used on any phone or camera
  • Nikon D5

    It boasts a new autofocus system (utilizing 153 points, 99 of them are cross-type), a 3.2-inch 2.36-million-dot LCD touchscreen and built-in 400 Mbps Ethernet connection. Not only that, but the D5’s ISO range extends up to a hefty 3.28 million.