Photos for history project

History of a Photography

  • When it all began

    When it all began
    The first photography process (Heliography) was invented around 1824 by Nicephore niepce. After Nicephore died in 1833, Daguerre started figuring out how to put photo's on paper, he succeeded in 1838. Not long after Daguerre figured out how to put photos directly on paper meany other people stared figuring it out as well.
  • The changes in 1900's

    The changes in 1900's
    The photography world has come a long way since it had started in the 1800's. Instead of them having to carry around the plate camera's they can carry around the 35mm camera. They owed this all to Oskar Barnack, who wanted to use the 35mm film.
  • New Things in The 1930's

    New Things in The 1930's
    kodak box camera was created in the 1930's by George Eastman. These camera's were used to help with one of the greatest challenges known as the Great Depression. The government hired photographer to take pictures of the citizens that are struggling during the Great Depression. The reason for that was so they could show the need for the New Deal.
  • What could be the new changes in the 1950's?

    What could be the new changes in the 1950's?
    Kodak Brownie Hawkeye Camera Flash Model,Kodak Duaflex II, and Kodak Tourist II were the three camera's made in the 1950's. But these camera's weren't the only thing that changed. most of the photographer's weren't just taking photo's anymore many of them started making news letters and attaching pictures to them. due to that it really started to build onto the photography business.
  • What's happening in the 1970's?

    What's happening in the 1970's?
    Photo's no longer in black and white. They have figured out how to make them in color. It had changed so much that pictures would be take in color such as the Kodak Pocket Instamatic Camera, Canon Ftb 35mm Slr Camera, Nikon El2 35mm Slr Camera and Auto Winder, and there were many more. Other great thing that was created in the 1970's were the film camera's such as the zenit film camera.
  • The end of the 1900's

    The end of the 1900's
    Digital filming was the big thing in the 1990's and onward. due to digital film many different photographer's like professional studio photographers, photojournalists, and fashion photographers will soon just be using digital film cameras. some of these cameras are Nikon Coolpix E100, Polaroid PDC-2000/40 and Ricoh RDC-1.
  • The Wonders of 2000's

    The Wonders of 2000's
    In 2001 the first ever digital phone the sharp j-SH04. Even though everyone wanted this phone the quality on the phone was still not as clear it the picture was taken with a camera. The reason for that was because the technology wasn't as up to date like the camera's.By the 2001 cameras had a flash built into them and you had a way better chance of a clear picture rather if it was in the 1880's and mid 1900's.
  • Little camera's in 2002

    Little camera's in 2002
    In 2002 the casio exilim ex-s1 was created. This was the first digital camera that could be put in your pocket. This camera was a great thing for the photography business because family's were able to take pictures of family evens and celebrations.
  • No Film in 2004

    No Film in 2004
    2004 was the year that the film camera's were no longer being made. All the camera's with film were being changed to SD cards and ways that you can change the color of the picture and more all on the camera.
  • The Internet of 2006

    The Internet of 2006
    2006 as we all know twitter was created. Twitter was a way for photographer's to promote and grow in there business. It also helped there photography grow because people could comment on there work.
  • Tragedy's in 2008

    Tragedy's in 2008
    Photography wasn't all about just taking pictures all random stuff. It was meant to tell people's stories. A lot of these stories are about other people lives because they don't have the chance to tell their own.
  • good story's of 2010

    good story's of 2010
    not all the stories are bad when it comes to photography. many tell the history and life style of places all over the world.
  • technology changes in 2012

    technology changes in 2012
    do to the changes in technology over time all the way up to 2012 we are able to see and understand more about the things about the world. we are able to understand more about space and things that we can't see with our human eye.
  • Updating our Old Photos

    Updating our Old Photos
    2015 many people are scanning there old, worn, and perhaps discolored photos and send them through photoshop to make them new and improved. this is all because of the improvement of technology.
  • Google and Photos

    Google and Photos
    all of the photos that you can find on google used to be indevegal looked through. although over the time and mostly in 2016 before uploading a photos they'd put all them through a machine and it would choose which ones to be uploading it was a faster and more convent for the employees of google.