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Photography though the ages

  • Jan 1, 1500

    Camera Obscura

    Camera Obscura
    The invention of camera obscura allowed painters to capture an image and paint it without the subject actually being in the room. It allowed subjects of paintings not having to sit still for a long period of time.
  • Period: Jan 1, 1500 to


  • First Photosensative Substance

    This cobination of Chalk, Nitric acid, silver and pure accident Perfesser J Schulze found that the substance grew dark when exxpodes to sunlight.
  • Photosensative Paper

    The invention of paper allowd the atrists not having to draw or paint the peice but just capture the image.
  • First Permanant Image

    This was the true beginining of photography becuase Niepce found a way to keep the image on the glass.
  • Permanent Negative Image

    Henry Fox Talbot invented the permanent (Negative) image then created a positive image by contact printing. This was the beginining of the printing process.
  • Daguerreotype Process

    Daguerreotype Process
    This process allowed the images to stay longer. But it was very expensive so not many people bought photographs
  • Wet Plate Collodion Photography

    This new invention was cheaper then the Daguerreotype bcause it was not on copper, the image was on glass and the posative /negative was the same. Also this process was not patended
  • Direct Possitive Images

    Years 1855-57 was the age of glass and metal in the U.S.
    This improved the photography indutry because it was cheaper and less time consuming to get portraits taken.
  • Civil War

    Civil War
    1861-65 Mathew Brady and his crew exposed over 7000 negatives of the American Civil War. This was the first time that the public was able to view what war was really like through photoraphy.
  • "Dry Process"

    Richard Leach Maddox invented the dry process which was safer and not as messy as the process used before.
  • Commercial Manufacturing

    The commercial manufacturing is a big step for the photography industry because now it was cheaper for photogrpahers to get the sapplies they needed along with less time consuming.
  • First Kodak Camera

    First Kodak Camera
    This was the first portable camera for the average peroson it held a 20ft roll of paper and it produced 100 2.5 diamiter circular picture.
  • First Commercial Color Film

    The invetion of color film allowed the viewers of the photograph to see what the artists true meaning was with out guessing what the colors were, (It was developed by the Lumiere brothers in France).
  • The Exoposure of Child Labor

    The Exoposure of Child Labor
    Using the camera as his words Lewis Hine and his team exposed child labor which made poeple see the tragity of the situation. This was all made possible by the camera.
  • Nikon was Established

    With the develpment of Nikon there was a more verity of cameras to choose from which made the camera market bigger.
  • The Discovery of Photograms

    The Discovery of Photograms
    This discovery was only the begining to the establishment for using enlagers as ways to make more then one picture off the same negative.
  • First 35mm Camera

    The "Leica" was the first high quaility 35mm cammeracial camera, which started the new production and ingenuity for average people to go and take pictures themselfs.
  • Strobe Photography

    This invetion stared the revolution of new more falttering Portraits. Before the lighting was very raw and unnatural along with bright.
  • Fuji Film Founded

    Fuji Film Founded
    With this new film compainy all film became cheaper and more exessable along with more user friendly.
  • First Polariod

    First Polariod
    This camera allowed the subject and the Photogragher to see the picture instantaneously.
  • First Digital Camera

    First Digital Camera
    Canon invented the first digital camera which was the begining to a new style of photography.
  • Photoshop

    This system alowed the artist to alture there pictures outside of the darkroom, making the production of producing a single picture alot less time consuming.