Calvin Broaus Jr Snoop Dogg

  • Birth

    Snoop Dogg was born in Long Beach,California. Beverly Tate and Verrnell Varnado.Was giving the name snoop from his mom from his favorite tv show peanuts.
  • Graduated High school

    Snoop Dogg sold marijuana in high school to Cameron Diaz.
  • First arrest

    Snoop Dogg was first arrested for cocaine after graduating high school.For the next 3 years he was going in and out of prison
  • First Album Doggystle

    His album reached NO.1 on the top 200 chart
  • Second arrest

    Pulled over for traffic violation and searched. A handgun was found he served 3 yrs probation and 1,000 dollar fine.
  • Third arrest

    Charged with being an acomplice of the murder of Phillip woldermarian. Further stated not guilty but charged man slaughter
  • Second Album Doggfather

    Also hit the top of the charts.He was in the number one hip hop slot.
  • Third Album The Game Is To Be Sold ,Not To Be Told

    Also hit NO 1 on top 200
  • Fourth arrest

    Arrested for possesion fo marijuana He was fined $370
  • Fourth Album No Limit Top Dogg

    Also hit the top 200 chart of Hip-Hop
  • Fifth arrest

    possesion of marijuana and paraphernalia
  • Cotr Date of Fifth Arrest

    He was fined $398.30