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Calculus Journal

  • Lehigh University

    Lehigh University
    I spent the day at Lehigh today, which rendered me unable to do the calc review. However, I did sit in on a Calc 1 class. This greatly boosted my self confidence; everything shown was laughably easy and I could solve every problem in less than three steps, compared to everyone else's 5+.
  • First entry!

    First entry!
    This is my first official entry; i'm one day behind because I was visiting a college yesterday. In class today, we went over integration techniques and differential equations. It's very helpful to go over the material from the beginning of the year in class. I was surprised how much i remembered, of those topics at least! Tonight i'm catching up on classwork so I can begin reviewing with no outstanding obligations tomorrow.
  • Pink Review Packet

    Pink Review Packet
    Doing the pink packet now.. i'm surprised by which things i remember! But i'm having trouble with some things i shoudn't be. I'm glad i took good notes this year! They are coming in very handy, though i'm trying to reference them as little as possible.
  • Induction makes for poor timing!

    Induction makes for poor timing!
    With all of the tedious tasks to do for the NHS Induction, I didn't start this new practice test until around 9pm! This one is much more difficult that before. Some of the questions are gimmees but many others are very though. I am having a hard time remembering how to do the conceptual ones, like the rectangle inscribed inside a semicircle.
  • Spring break!

    Spring break!
    Spring break has just begun! Today we reviewed series and summations, which was very helpful. I had vague memories of all of the tests for each, but it was nice seeing them all laid out again.
  • Take home test packet!

    Take home test packet!
    I've been surprisingly diligent while working on the take home test- i spent time nearly every day over break on it! I also sat in on a few calc classes while visiting colleges, which was additional review! I had a lot of trouble with FR2, however. I tried every method i could think of over and over again, and of course i got the same wrong answer. Eventually, i was able to find the answer- i think! This made me re-realize how important it is to balance time on the actual test.
  • Blue packet!

    Blue packet!
    Tonight, I'm focusing on the blue packet. Rumor has it its going to be collected Friday (though i'm rooting for Monday!!). It's reassuring to see how much overlap there is between Calc AB and BC, and daunting to see the differences. In class i realized i'd forgotten about several tricks for hard-to-seperate DiffEqs. I'm glad i realized now instead of a week from today!
  • So many multiple choice problems..

    So many multiple choice problems..
    I've been working on the multiple choice for a while now, and there are some problems i just can't solve. For instance, the triange one with related rates- i've attempted it too many times, but the solution's still a mystery! I really need to review related rates; i know there's going to be a free response with it, and i can't afford to lose those "easy" points.
  • Royal Wedding!!

    Royal Wedding!!
    Cheers to Will and Kate! Today we zoomed through some more practice problems, and luckily i felt pretty comfortable with them. However, then we got the list of assignments due.. between calc and my research paper, i won't be sleeping much! hopefully it'll all be worth it! Still working on the blue packet..
  • APs begin..

    APs begin..
    I took the APES test today.. not the most inspiring way to spend time, but at least i got to go home at 12, write my whole research paper, and study for calc! I'm having trouble with the review sheets we've gotten in class, easpecially the yellow series one. I need to review Taylor polynomials and how to make them.
  • Nervous for tomorrow!

    Nervous for tomorrow!
    So the AP is tomorrow. and my research paper is due tomorrow. Neither of these things make me very happy, but i'm finally done my paper, and i'm trying to wrap up loose ends for calc. I'm reviewing all the easy things now: the series for sin, cos, arctan, etc., sin and cos of pi/3, which i always forget, and more related rates problems.. i think i'm prepared. I'm predicting a free response on related rates, seperable DiffEqs, and probably one about series. I hope this year and last will pay off!
  • Superbowl

    It's over!!!! All in all, not terrible. The first MC part was hard for me, there were a few i had to guess on. I killed the second part though, finished with no questions and tons of time! FR was fine. i know i accidentally wrote the plain integral instead of arclength for one though.. that's only 1pt lost though. Also, i forgot how to do taylor polynomials (terrible), so i know i recieved very few points on one FR.. i think i made up for it on the rest though.. i hope at least!!