Timeline created by jezetus
  • First cross continental telephone call made.

  • First radios with tuners - different stations.

  • first television ads

  • the first tape recorder for broadcasting invented - first magnetic recording.

  • business broadcasts able to be taped and edited - rather than only live.

  • primitive computers put into public service - government owned - the age of Information Science begins.

  • Computers are first sold commercially

  • Xerox machine invented-making advertising simpler

  • Zip codes invented in the United States

  • First fax machine invented-business communication reaches skies.

  • ARPANET - the first Internet started.

  • First cellular phone communication network started in Japan.

  • First cellular phone network started in the United States

  • Cellular telephones in cars become wide-spread

  • American government releases control of internet and WWW is born - making communication at lightspeed.

  • Online social networking is abundant where as 15 years ago it wasn't.

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