Build up to WW2

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  • Zeppline bombing on Bury St. Edmunds

  • The Air Ministry

    Formed to respond to the increasing threat of enemy aircraft.
  • End of The First World War

  • Treaty of Versailles

    Treaty of Versailles
  • The Wall Street Crash

    The crash kick started The Great Depression
  • Adolf Hitler is appointed as Chancellor of Germany

  • Survey of England's Air Defences

    Conducted by A.P. Row, it concluded that unless something was done to improve them, England would likely loose the next war.
  • The Daventry Experiment

    The Daventry Experiment
    Arnold Wilkins used the BBC Station at Daventry to try and pick up a Heyfrord Bomber flying over the area. The experiment was deemed a success.
  • Robert Watson Watt and Arnold Wilkins are given funding

    The Treasury set aside £12,300 to set up a secret programme to develop Radio Detection Finding (RDF) at the site of Orfordness, Suffolk
  • Hitler becomes Führer

    Hitler becomes Führer
    This means that he is the dictator of Germany
  • Chain Home Begins

    The government approved the construction of 5 RDF stations at 25 mile intervals along the east coast
  • The Bawdsey Estate

    In 1936 Robert Watson-Watt and his team moved to the Bawdsey Estate in order to continue their research. The estate had been purchased from the Quilter family for £24,000
  • Germany invades Poland

  • Blackouts begin in Britain

  • Britain declares war on Germany

  • Rationing begins in Britain

    Rationing begins with butter, sugar, bacon and ham
  • Winston Churchill becomes Prime Minister

    Winston Churchill becomes Prime Minister
  • The Battle of Britain begins

    Germany launches air raids of Britain which continue until October
  • The Japanese attack Pearl Harbour

    Following this attack, America enters the war
  • First jump using a nylon parachute takes place over Hartford, England

  • The Dambusters Mission is a success

    The Dambusters Mission is a success
    RAF 617 Squadron (also known as the Dambusters) completes its mission to destroy the Mohne and Eder dams using the 'bouncing' bomb.
  • D-Day

  • The Education Act is passed

    This provides all children with free secondary education
  • Germany Surrenders

  • Japan Surrenders